Camp Counselor

I'm Maria and this, well this is the story of what my summer was like.
Are you willing to listen??


10. Chapter 10

 Maria POV

 I sat at the kitchen table with a small bowl of fruit and listening to music while doing to some work on my laptop when Matthew walked in. He sat down next to me as if he wanted to talk. I lowered the volume of my music and turned to him. 

 "What's up?" I asked as I popped a grape into my mouth.

 "I have girl problems and I need a girls advice. Then again I'd feel better talking to dad about it." He told me. I rolled my eyes and motioned for him to continue. 

 "Mom, don't be mad but well tris and I slept together. It's just the feelings aren't the same anymore, I just feel like all compassion is lost you know?" He said 

 "MATTHEW!! how the hell do you sleep with someone and then say all feelings are lost." I asked angry.

 "You and dad did it!!" I snapped back 

 "Your dad and I didn't plan to do anything. it was a shameful one night stand. I was wasted and he was a hormonal teen." I explained getting angrier. 

 "So I was a mistake, thanks mom. I always love to her that. I'm done!! I'm fucking 17 for fucks sake!! I'm gone!!" He yelled and stomped away. 

 "Go take that up with your father!!" I yelled at him as I turned back to my work and waited for Ashton to get home. Instead my phone dinged and I looked over to see a very inappropriate picture from Ashton. 

 "ASHTON FLETHCER IRWIN!!" I texted back and deleted the picture. 

 "What." He texted back. I rolled my eyes and told him to hurry and get home that we needed to talk and he didn't seem to apply about that. 

 (Hey guys, I'm sorry about all of the short chapters but I'm not on my computer so I'm kinda limited on time so sorry about this, i'm going to try and finish it off on my other computer if it lets me, if not then I'm just going to publish this one and type the rest in chapter 11. Again I am truly sorry about all of that!!!! I love you guys and I hope you don't hate me forever!! I promise I'll fix it!!!! Bye my little kevins!! I love you!!!! )

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