james is 17 year old boy who loves music and singing he is inspired by one d but what hapens when they turn out to have a big secreat james never knew will he still be a fan of one d


2. the plan

the next morning James and Damien where at the breakfast table suddenly a teacher come up to them do one of you or both of you have zayn and liams  watch and shoes the boys loughed and said no. This is not a laughing matter we have been nothing but nice to them. The teacher left liam smiled you guys will be in big trouble by this afternoon Liam laughed they went to their bunk this group of boys come to James are you friends with liam and zayn no their being mean to me right that's it we will make them suther. By the way this is Nathan  this is Ryan and i am Luke nice to meet you oh and this is abbie hi hey i have a amazing idea. How about if its OK with you abbie you pretend to be zayn or liams girlfriend then we need another girl for the other  one.  Anyway i have to prepare for my audition but good luck with the plan thanks James i hope you make it i do as weal .  the audition day finally has arrived James saw abbie with zayn he thought yes the plan hos worked and then suddenly this girl come up to James hi Im amber do you want to go out he was saw excited James had never had a girlfriend before he said yes . and she held his hand wow your really good looking james thought it was really weired that a girl would go out with him before they even meet um can i ask you somethign did liam and zayn tell you to go out  with me and they embarise me infront of everybody yes they did. .  write thats it i have had it with them the next day they our in big trouble the audition was in 20 minutes the boys decided to ruin james audition


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