james is 17 year old boy who loves music and singing he is inspired by one d but what hapens when they turn out to have a big secreat james never knew will he still be a fan of one d


1. ariving at the music summer camp

it was earley in the morning James was saw excited he was going to be going to a music summer camp he heard rumers that One Direction where going to be their. he was a huge  boy directionor.  He couldent wait he got  his bagpack and left for the bus to the camp.He sat on the bus. all the outher kids and teens smiled and said hi to him  and they where really friendly  he sat next to this boy he said his name was Damion oh hi im James. i heard one direction will be their he said. dont get to excited bro looking at his bag pack which had a picture of one d their nouthing like they are on tv bro . wait are you being seriouse their nicer in real life you mean. no i mean their mean and bullies he said i dont believe you. and put his head phones on youl see when we get their. it was 6pm at night they finally arived their .  hey wow look at this place it looks saw amazing. it is i was hear last year he walked off hey thats rude . well you where being mean to one direction come on are you being seriouse yes.  they  left the bus and looked around. if you dont believe me thats fine but one d are not nice guys. enough im going to see if i can find them he bashed into Zayn hey im soory Zayn  are you ok and helped him up. hey let go i dont need help. soory i walked into you i dident mean it ofcource you did . and walked off with a angry face maybie hes just tired . zayn stopped for a minute hey bro are you james. wait you know my name how well we kinda all went to the same school. i wouold remember going to the same school as you guys very funny Zayn James loughed.  Ok fine you dont believe me.    he walked off see what did I tell you no he just must of had a bad day. Come on james think about it he was being rude to you he was just telling me i went to school with them . Wait and your still a big fan of one d. ofcource i am he went into his bunk. hey get out we dont have any room hi Liam im james. He looked puzlled he started loughing i remember you very well the kid with silly glasis that was really smart and always told on us at school  your in trouble now wait that was you guys yes we kinda look differant now yes saw do you but still you told on us saw  you give us no choice  good luck in the summer music camp James. he looked really woried and ran to find Damion hey your right i told you. How did you find out i meet Liam Damion loughed. oh look who it is boys suprissed you come back Damion hey leave damion alone you know liam i use to be really inspired by one direction but  you guys are bullies he picked up James  what did you call us bulliues hey let me down no how dare you call us bullies. and threw James on the floor and loughed.   James are you ok he got up hey  im fine let me go and  tack you to the bathroom where are the teachers when we need them said Damien  . A teacher walkind in ahh my favoright boy group One d hello sir Harry pushed james and said how are you we cant wait to perform for the camp hi you must be new  the boys loughed yes im james well what are you doing standing their go into your bunk um can i change my bunk i dont really like the peoiple im with . No  i dont care who are you with one d. show them some respect  Liam threw me on the floor he started to fake cry and smiled and fake cry again i would never do that no where nice guys.   said Harry you just poushed me  when you walked past like 2 minites ago Harry . Not nice to lie like that. Thease boyss are the nicest guys i have ever meet. No their not go into your bunk how dare you talk to them like that ignore him you guys are talented hes just  jelouse. Damion walked in are you  ok he is a baby hes going to cry no im not whiping his tears damion gave him a hug and said dont worry i will be your friend he walked with james to his bunk and told the boys if you ever do anything to james you will be in saw much trouble that you wont want to do music anymore thy all loughed  you and James are in big trouble just wait until tomorro morning end of part 1

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