The Contract

Harry Styles' manager wanted to get rid of the rumors and bad media. So she hired him a girlfriend, who signed a contract. What could go wrong?


2. 2

Willow P.O.V.

"I want you two to go on a date." Susan says. "To make people think you are actually dating. I'll need you to listen to me about your relationship. You will go on dates when I tell you and you will even kiss when I give the okay."

"Would you like to choose where we go to?" Harry asks.

"No," She laughs, "That's your choice."

"Okay." I nod. "Let's go then."

"Act like you like each other and make it look like you could actually be in a relationship."

"Okay, Okay." Harry grumbles, standing up off the chair in front of Susan's desk. "Let's go, Willow." Then he smiles. "I just rhymed."

"Oh, wow." I shake my head standing up. "You must be very intelligent, being able to rhyme go and Willow. Such an intelligent life form, you are."

"Yup. That's me, alright."

_  _  _

When we get to this small restaurant place, it's already dark outside. Apparently the darkness does not stop hundreds of fans from swarming the restaurant. Just great.

"There's so many of them." I exclaim, looking at Harry.

"Yeah, well get used to it. I can never go anywhere without them."

"Well that's lovely." I say sarcastically.


"What are the people's names? The ones in your band."

"You seriously don't know?"


"So weird." He mutters. "Niall is the blonde one. Liam is the one with super short hair I guess. Louis has the bluish greenish eyes. Zayn has the dark hair and dark eyes."

"Wow, so helpful."

"Yep." He nods "So, if we're going to 'fake date'," Harry makes quotation marks with his fingers. "We should probably know something about each other. Like, for starters, when's your birthday?"
"September 14th."

"Hey, that's a day after Niall's!"


"Yeah. And it's next month. How old are you gonna be?"

"Nineteen." I reply. "When's your birthday?"

"February 1st."

"Same as my brothers'." I smile, remembering that little blonde boy.

"So, you have a brother, then?" Then I'm silent. I mean, I did have a brother. But he died. He was 10, and yet he understood me more than anyone. Alexander was deaf so he didn't hear the train coming across the tracks. It hit him. "Willow? You okay?"

"Uh, yeah. I'm fine."

"What's his name?"

"Alexander. And was. It was his name." Harry gives me a confused look. "He died two years ago."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"So, do you have any brothers? Sisters?"

"I have a younger brother and an older sister."

"What're their names?"

"Emmett and Leah."

"That's cool."



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