My Little Book of Poems

These are poems I have made they are in my opinion bad but I will leave the decision up to you...


3. Internet

The internet is odd

It can make our dreams seem broad,

Everyone has 'Friends'

But you don't see them.

You can't hear them

Your 'friends' could be lies woven within a spiders web

They could be lonely but we just can't see

behind this technological screen.

The Internet is a social display

Making the world feel a little closer...

Even though we are all just lonely shells

Humanity has just gotten farther...

As we continue to hide and shield ourselves away

behind this technological screen.

You look around the streets and cafe stores...

And all you see is a screen galore.

It hurts and is painful to say...

That we are all being lost in technologies debut.

I'm not telling you to stop and put it away

Just maybe look up once everyday.

See the world we are blessed to live in,

the birds that sing and chatter day after day,

the worms crawling, and the bugs climbing,

the sprout of a plant that will become a gorgeous flower.

Look around and help those who are in need.

Save this world from technology...

It not always bad but we abuse to much.

Why don't we turn away from behind this technological screen

and finally realize...

"I am proud to live in this world I do"





                                                                                                                                             - MRQ

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