Zoe is having problems with 5 SOS....


5. what's happening???

Next thing I know I was awake in the hospital. (Zoe's POV) all the boys but Luke were hovering over me. I yanked all the stuff off and walked out of there. They yelled to put the stuff back on. I need to see Luke I didn't know why but I felt like god was pushing me towards him. He just walked out the tour bus and saw me running towards him then fainted. I awoke the next morning and then Luke Ashton Calum and Mickey must have been really happy they all have me kisses :3. Don't get me wrong I love kisses. "Haha what are you farts doing?" "I don't smell that bad do I?" "No ashy"

Everybody's POV except Zoe and Luke

I want to be her boyfriend , so bad I kinda kissed her when she woke up. Everybody did though.

Zoe's POV out of the hospital

So what exactly happened? Just don't talk to Tanya anymore. But Luke wh-! Just she isn't a true friend to you anymore or even a friend. I could feel my eyes tear up because I had know what happened then. I had to hug somebody and let it out but I waited until we were in the tour bus. Guys come here! What is it Luke-! Listen she is crying! I have an idea follow my lead. I can hear them outside and now they are walking in-. GROUP HUG!!! Luke why did you do that? I - we don't like seeing you upset. Wanna watch a movie with us? Calum adds. Sure I look at Mickey Ashton Calum and then Luke . I give them kisses (in the order I just said) Luke accidentally moves his head then his lips are against mine and I faint.

Luke's POV

Zoe begins giving us kisses and when she gets to me I get a twitch and next thing I know her lips were against min and we both faint.

Claims POV

Well no movies for them! :)

Zoe's POV

I was waken up by all the boys fighting so I walk out. SHE MINE!! NO SHE IS MINE! Who's yours?" I ask ( even though I clearly know it's me) Mickey runs up to me and kisses me on the lips and I look at him then Calum does then Ashton. What's going on?!

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