Zoe is having problems with 5 SOS....


7. the romantic

Zoe's POV

I woke up in a strange place not knowing where I was. Then I realized that my hands were tied to my back. I look over and see Luke I start to cry when the same man approaches me. Luke kicks him in the shin. The man says that's one more thing I'll do to her. I kick and scream and the man removes my top and bottoms.

Eventually later we are back home...

Luke's POV

What happened??? Omg Zoe?! Huh what?! What happened last time we were all together??? When um the boys uh- kissed you?! Yea I scratch the back of my neck and say it was all a dream! Yea you fainted after they all kisses me. Zoe? Yes? I really like you. Oh um... Will you be my girlfriend Zoe??

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