Zoe is having problems with 5 SOS....


4. The Dream

Luke's POV at the club

Calum let's go! Yea. They were all so drunk I ended up carrying Zoe. She told me to put her down so I did then she got on her tip toes. Then her lips were pressed against mine.


Zoe's POV

I wake up surrounded by all the boys so I get up to make breakfast. Then the smell wakes Ashton up. He eventually takes over the stares at me in my eye and grabs my chin and goes in for a kiss. I back away the fall backwards on Michael then Michael and Calum go in for a kiss. Then I wake up. Whew just a dream. I decide to do off and sing a song I wrote about the band. I accidentally woke the boys up. "Your guys are my world my everything yo-..." I nearly fall off my chair I screamed as loud as I could.

Luke's POV

I heard Zoe singing so I woke the other mates up and the we all listened to her sing. But I guess we scared her:). Wanna grab some lunch? Sure!

At the restaurant

Zoe's POV

Hey I was wondering if my old friend could come over? Yea sure! Thanks ash :) I turn and Luke's face is red again. I decide to talk to him. So Luke what's up? Nothing! Ok ok chill.

5 minutes later

Omg Tanya!! Oh hi Zoe. Can I talk to you in the bathroom Zoe? Yea sure.

Luke's POV

They have been in there awhile I'm gonna go check up...when I get to the bathroom door I hear a bang! I open the door and Tanya walks out and leaves then I see Zoe on the floor. Knocked out cold I yell her name the other boys rush over.

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