Zoe is having problems with 5 SOS....


8. shut up and listen

Zoe's POV

Oh um.. I know y-you don't have to say yes -. Luke shut up and listen. I would love to be your girlfriend. He looks at me with those crystal blue eyes and it feels like I'm in heaven. He leans in for and kiss then the boys burst in saying YOLO!! We both chuckle. Then I heard a gun shot and glass breaking then everything when black.

Luke's POV

Zoe get up!!! Please please please!! Luke who shot that?! C-c-Calum is that your sister? I said stuttering and sobbing. it is! Mali go away!!!!!!! I watch her walk off. I yell and we all get in the car and rush to the hospital.

Sorry for the small chapter though..... Toddles

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