Zoe is having problems with 5 SOS....


3. 3

Luke's POV

Can I ask you something? Yea. Me and my mates are going on tour do you want to come? Yes of course!! Zoe looks at me and smiles her eyes sparkle like diamonds.

~~~~~~~Friday at the dance!!!!!~~~~~~~~

Still Luke's POV

It is election time and I won prom king they are now announcing prom queen....Zoey Summers. Zoey??? I ask myself where is she? There is a split through the people where I can see Zoey on the ground surrounded by people.

Zoe's POV

"SLUT" "WHORE GO DIE!!" The nasty words hurt but I didn't show it. I see Luke looking for me once they called my name. Then Luke looks at me and they weren't calling me names they were punching me and kicking. Then I see Luke running towards me and then everything was black...

Luke's POV

I saw her surrounded they there was violence I jumped off the stage and rushed over and grabbed Zoe and took off.

The next day Zoe's POV

I wake up on the tour bus and Luke's arm was around me. Calum wakes him up by yelling WHO WANTS TO GO TO A CLUB!!!!!

Luke's POV

Calum woke us up but I didn't hear what he said and then I saw that my arm was wrapped around Zoe , I have never felt this way before.

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