The Walking Dead

"Just keep walking Carl, just keep walking and don't look back" I said to him.


1. Run:

Ricks POV:

I was talking to Michonne about how we need to keep the kids more safe, Carl I know he is my son and he wants to come help but it's just too dangerous and I just don't want him to be well one of them. "Well Carl seems to be a tough boy now he can take care of Mika and Lizzie " Michonne said interrupting my thoughts. I stared at her for a few seconds and headed out the cell block. I walked outside to see the usual a bunch of zombies. I turn my head and see Daryl with Beth while Beth is holding my daughter. I checked in on t-dog and the rest of the people. I checked in on Mika and Lizzie. I headed to their cell block. When I got there I didint see Mika. " Lizzie where is Mika?!" I asked panicing. " I don't know I think she went with-hmm I forgot sorry rick" she looked at me with innocent eyes. " ok but if she comes back tell carol to come look for me ok Lizzie" I said and she nodded. I walked well actually speed walked to try to find where Mika went. I screamed out her name. No reply. I saw carol. "Carol do you know where Mika went?" I asked rushing to her. " no, no what happened?" She asked. " just g with Lizzie and if she returns come find me I don't know where Mika is " I said rushing to finish my sentence. I walked away and went back outside. I saw a panic of relief when I saw Mika with Carl. I rushed over to them. " Carl next time say you're taking Mika with you tell someone" I said looking at Mika. " and Mika next time say where you going ok " I said rubbing her head. She nodded. " yea dad what's wrong? " Carl asked me confused. " we didint know where she went so I went out to look for her but I saw you took responsibility and watched after her" I said. " I'll meet you guys inside ok" I said walking away.

Carl POV:

I saw my dad walking away and turned around to face Mika. " Mika imagine if I wasint here and a walker was chasing after you would you kill him?!" I asked staring at her eyes. She looked away. " n-no " she said and ran off inside. " MIKA COME BACK " I screamed. It sometimes scares me that they can't kill them. I walked inside and checked on my watch that my dad gave me. It's almost time for midnight to come. I went inside and saw carol struggling to open a can of peas. " uh do you need help on opening that carol?" I asked getting closer. " no, no I got it thanks anyways" she said still struggling. " I think you need help carol please let me help you " I said reaching over for the can. " I SAID NO, Carl please leave me alone for awhile I want to be alone " she half shouted. I stared at her and walked away. Why is she mad? I was just trying to help her open the can?! I went to my cell block and decided to read some comics Michonne Brought me. I sat down on top of my bed and started to read.

~after awhile~

I closed my comic and got up to check in on people. But I decided to do that later I went outside and saw Mika and Lizzie with each other. I saw Lizzie was screaming at Mika and she looked panic. I rushed over to them. " Lizzie, Mika what happened why are you screaming?!" I asked. " Patrick he is sick and he said to rush outside to be safe " Lizzid said panicked. I started at her and ran off inside. " PATRICK WHERE ARE YOU?" I screamed trying to find him. I saw Lizzie and Mika come inside and walk away.

After awhile of searching for Patrick I heard screams. "HELP, HELP SOMEONE " I heard. I got my gun and ran I saw Patrick. He was lying on the ground groaning like a walker. He turned around and I saw he turned. But how? He wasint bitten. He came after me. I ran instead of shooting him. I ran and I saw walkers inside. People kept running. I saw my dad fun inside and shoot and helping people get inside cells and closing them while other people were shooting too. I started to shoot and my dad saw and told me to get Mika and Lizzie and go inside my cell block with them. " but dad I want to help please " I said still shooting. " no Carl listen to me " he said taking away my gun. " NOW GO CARL " he screamed while shooting walkers. I looked around and found Mika first. I ran to her and grabbed her hand and led her to my cell block. " stay in here ok Mika" I said and she sat down. I closed the cell block and I saw her hide under my blanket. I went back to find Lizzie. I ran and saw her she was leading the walker and playing with them. I stood in my tracks shocked she was doing that and laughing like nothing was wrong. I then saw carol pick her up and run with her to a cell block. Once I was assured they got in a cell block I went back to mine. I opened it and got in and then closed it. " Mika you can come out now you're safe with me " I said. She didint move. "Mika" I said panicked. I got

Closer to my bed and I grabbed the blankets and uncovered her bit by bit. I uncovered her face and there she was too scared to speak. I say down and she sat down with me and hugged me. I hugged her back. Oh little kids. " Mika you know you're going to have to shoot one of those one day right?!" I said looking straight at her. She nodded. " yes, but they once were people and they still are just people with DIFFRENT personalities and killers " she said looking at me. " I know but there not human any more Mika " I said. I gave her a long stare and then I got up and grabbed a puzzle and gave it to her. She opened it and started doing it.

I looked through my cell block and I saw they were still killing walkers.

I saw Michonne pick up a body at the floor by my cell block. I decided to just keep a look out if a walker wants to come threw my cell block.

Hopefully none will come threw!

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