Voodoo doll

Nabilah and Jakayla are new best friends they never really took much notice of each other when Nabilah joined jakayla's netball club and they started talking when they shortly realised they have a lot in common for example they both love 5SOS. After spending time with each other they grew on each other more when one day Nabilah tells jakayla she has 2 tickets to go to the 5sos concert. When they get there Luke takes a turn for the worst and falls over knocking his microphone into the audience which hits jakayla on the head an she passes out...........…......


4. 3. The Mistake That Changed Everything


After they stop singing Amnesia they move onto my favourite of all time Voodoo Doll. I am watching Calum sing because he looks so god damn cute when he is singing. When something hits me literally a microphone hits me in the head on the right side of my forehead.


OMG Luke just tripped and he dropped his microphone on Jakayla's head and now she is laying on the floor passed out.


Shit. I just tripped staring at this girl who btw is really hot and now she is on the floor out cold because i dropped the microphone on her. I jump of the stage people clear out of the way for me this girl is even more beautiful close up. Her eyes shoot open and they are bright green. I see Mikey jump off the stage and start talking to this girls friend with short black hair she is hot too but i can see Mikey has her taken care of her.


OMFG Michael Clifford is talking to me.


The only thing i see when i open my eyes is Michael Clifford is talking to Nabilah, she is so lucky. Then i touch my face where i got it and there is a massive lump.

"CRap" i say and then i look up at this really hot guy who is crouching over me and he is staring at me with his beautiful blue eyes. All of a sudden i remember he is the one who made me get this lump so i start to yell at him

"Why would you......" shit........... all of a sudden i remember every thing and that means i remember yelling at LUKE fucking Hemmings!!!!!! i see his eyes sadden when I yelled at him and then at the same time we say.

"i am so sorry I didn't mean to" we both stop and smile but we are pulled back to realtiy and we look around there are so many people staring at luke and i and then i kind of brake into a fan girl. It all starts with a high pitched scream and then i say

" luke i love i love your vocie and" he stops me by putting his finger on my lips and says

" I am luke as you probaly know and your are?"

"jakayla" i quickly add in. He gets off the floor and reaches his hand out to pull me up when i am standing up I take a step back and say thank you.

" sorry for what knocking you out?" he says with a cheeky grin. i blush

" hey so um.... Jakayla would you like to um you know come back stage after this and you could meet the band and we could try fix your head up."

" sure Luke that would be great"

" just wait here after and i will come and get you" in response i just smile and blush.

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