Voodoo doll

Nabilah and Jakayla are new best friends they never really took much notice of each other when Nabilah joined jakayla's netball club and they started talking when they shortly realised they have a lot in common for example they both love 5SOS. After spending time with each other they grew on each other more when one day Nabilah tells jakayla she has 2 tickets to go to the 5sos concert. When they get there Luke takes a turn for the worst and falls over knocking his microphone into the audience which hits jakayla on the head an she passes out...........…......


3. 2. upgrade


When we finally get inside we take our seats they are not in a good spot but who freakin cares we are about to see 5SOS!!!!

After about 15mins a man in a brightly coloured vest comes over to us and he says:

" hello girls, may i please ask you for your ages?"

"yeah okay, i am 16 and my friend Nabilah is 15" I say and Nabilah and i exchange looks.

" bummer" he says and is about to walk of when I ask

" why?"

" not to disappoint you but a party of people booked out the mosh pit and their flight got delayed and they can't come so we have been upgrading people who are 16 or over from the back to there"

"we could be 16" i say with a cheeky know it all smile.

But he looks at me dead serious and i can tell that he is actually thinking about it when after a long silence he says

"let's say we never had this conversation"

Nabilah and I have no idea what he means when he comes back a little while later asks us again for our ages exept this l time I respond with 16 and 16. He tells us we can be upgraded we squeal with excitement.

We move our stuff except this time we have nowhere to settle in because in the mosh pit you have to stand up, we are the third ones to arrive so we move right up to the front.

There is an announcement over the loud speaker saying that 5 Seconds Of Summer will preform on stage shortly. Until then there will be clips of them playing when they first started and just different videos.


When they walk out onto the stage I feel like my stomach is about to fall out of my mouth but when they start running along the edge of their stage with their hands down giving out high fives that is when I seriously think I will vomit.

I look over at Nabilah who is crying and then when I look up again Luke is staring right at me with his big blue eyes he leans down when I hold out my hand for a high five and gently kisses it at that very moment is when I start crying.

Nabilah is staring at me in absolute shock and jealously Michael sees and does the same to her we both look at each other and scream.

They open with 'she Looks So Perfect' then they sing 'Good Girls' after that 'Amnesia ' and well you get the gist.

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