Voodoo doll

Nabilah and Jakayla are new best friends they never really took much notice of each other when Nabilah joined jakayla's netball club and they started talking when they shortly realised they have a lot in common for example they both love 5SOS. After spending time with each other they grew on each other more when one day Nabilah tells jakayla she has 2 tickets to go to the 5sos concert. When they get there Luke takes a turn for the worst and falls over knocking his microphone into the audience which hits jakayla on the head an she passes out...........…......


2. 1. At the concert


We finally arrive at the entry gate to the concert I hear 'English Love Affair' over the load speakers.

I am wearing my 5sos T-shirt, a red tartan button up shirt that is undone, black skinny jeans, leopard print vans, I do nothing with my hair it is short , red lipstick, black eyeliner, mascara, black nail polish. I absolutely love what I am wearing and I have been saving this outfit for the concert.

Jakayla is wearing denim high waisted shorts that are SO high, a 5sos shirt that has a white background and then has 5SOS written in white in a circle of a pink floral pattern, white platformed converse with black laces, the same makeup as me but pink lipstick not red, light pink nail polish, her light blonde hair is out and has a floral head band.

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