I am a ghost


1. My vist to my grandmothers house

It was my summer holidays and I was very happy and excited as I was going to my grandmothers house to stay.when I reached her home she welcomed me and showed me my room I get dressed and went downstairs she gave me some food and went downstairs.After 5 days there came a heavy storm and rain and 2 days have pass it was not passing my grand mothers house was warm after 3 days I was fed up I began to open the door my grandmother said "where are you going" I said "just standing near the door" so she said "ok but be careful and if you see any wolves don't go near them and don't touch them I am going to take some rest"when she had gone I saw some wolves I was not scared I went near them and touch them suddenly I became a witch and ran in to the forest now I scare people. Don't you go near any forest or may be I will come and scare you.
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