The Nerd and The Drummer

Alaska Brooks is Calum Hoods best friend, she often got called a nerd at school. Calum decides to introduce Alaska to his band. What happens when Alaska lays eyes on Ashton?
Thank you so much @Amøur Spudnick ♬ for the beautiful cover!


16. Twit Cam

Ashton got out the laptop and tweeted that he's doing a twit cam. There were about 2.5 million people watching. The boys and girls were also watching. I do not like this! I never liked being the center of attention.

Ashton had his webcam on and I had my phone so then I could read the comments to him. "Hey guys its only me and Alaska today. Alaska is a old friend of Calums and currently we are going out." The comments went crazy!

-Your going out with that nerd?

-You guys look so cute together.

-eww why would you want to date her?

From there it got worst. I was seriously about to cry but, the next comment I read seriously broke me.

-Hey nerd! Guess what its Brandon! Sucks that you left the tour! We were having lots of fun! But, then again no one could trust you cause they didn't love you! They never did! Vic said that he regrets ever liking you cause your a selfish liar!- Brandon >:)

-I wish you luck cause she will end up stabbing you in the back. She's a filthy little liar and only wants attention, She's and nerd and a freak!-Vic

I just started crying. They broke me and once you broke me its hard to fix me. Ashton turned off the camera and asked me what's wrong. I showed and told him everything from the very beginning to the very end. "I am such a nerd and I'm pathetic!" I cried into his shoulder. 

"Shh no you aren't! You are a beautiful young girl that doesn't deserve all this!" He said trying to stop making me cry. I just shook my head and ended up running to my room and locking the door. I could hear Ashton talking to the boys on the phone saying get over here as soon as possible.



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