The Nerd and The Drummer

Alaska Brooks is Calum Hoods best friend, she often got called a nerd at school. Calum decides to introduce Alaska to his band. What happens when Alaska lays eyes on Ashton?
Thank you so much @Amøur Spudnick ♬ for the beautiful cover!


27. The Wedding

Its been about a week since Ashton woke up and we are finally at home. His stitches are going to be taken out in a couple days and he cant wait for that day. Me and the boy's girlfriends became friends and we had fun at Joes house. Today is Ashlynn and Ronnie's wedding and she is nervous. "Ash, he's going to think you look beautiful I promise!" I smiled while doing her hair.

"But what if...." She started but, Nikki spoke. "He thinks you look perfect and everything I promise." She smiled. We all finished what we needed to do and then we got into the limo. The boys girlfriends and the sisters are going to be a part of Ashlynn's wedding. We made it to the church in time before the boys and hurried to our room we are suppose to be in. We fixed our hair and helped Ashlynn put on her dress.

"You look beautiful!" I hugged her. "He is one lucky man!" I smiled. "Girls its time!" Ashton came in and got Ashlynn. Ash picked Ashton to walk her down the aisle. "You two look beautiful!" He complimenting us. He kissed Ashlynn's cheek and my lips. "Thanks!" We both said at the same time. We started to laugh, " I swear you two are more in sync than me and her are!"

"Well that's good! Now come on!" I went up to the hallway. I stood next to one of Ronnie's band member. Jacky, I think his name is. The music started to play and the doors opened wide. We all did what we practiced and smiled waiting for Ashlynn and Ashton to come in. I saw everyone stand up and face the door way. In came Ashton and Ashlynn and she looked beautiful!

Everyone was smiling and some were so happy that they were in tears. She made it up to the top and Ashton gave her away. Ronnie smiled and kissed her head. They are so cute together!  The minister what he needed to say then they said I do. They decided to save the vow for the reception which is a smart idea. "You may kiss the bride." The minister smiled.

I saw Ronnie move Ashlynn's veil and then kiss her. Everyone clapped and then watched them leave the building to where the party is going to be. "Alaska! Wait up!" Ashton called me. He had tears in his eyes. "My sister is married! She's growing up to fast!" He complained with tears running down his face. I hugged him then I kissed him. "It was bound to happen sometime. Come on lets get to the party!"I smiled slightly. We went into his car and then we went to the building.

I laughed when I went inside, I saw bands everywhere and unfortunately All time low was here.... "Ashton..." I pointed to when Alex was standing. "Come on love. Ill make sure he isn't near you." Ashton promised. He kept that promise all night Alex did not come near me.

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