The Nerd and The Drummer

Alaska Brooks is Calum Hoods best friend, she often got called a nerd at school. Calum decides to introduce Alaska to his band. What happens when Alaska lays eyes on Ashton?
Thank you so much @Amøur Spudnick ♬ for the beautiful cover!


18. Really?!

"Are we there yet?!" I complained. We have been in the at for over a hour. "We are almost there calm down!" Cal said keepin his eyes in the road. I just put my head on Ashton's shoulder and sighed, "So, how's Ash and Ronnie?" I asked looking up at him.

"They doing really good! I'm slowly starting to trust him." He seemed happy. "Luke how's Meli? We really need to hang out again soon, all of the girls." It's been awhile since we hanged out and we need to catch up.

"She's been good, she been busy in school lately. She studying to become a writer." He smiled, I can tell he's proud of his sister. "So michael, Calum, Luke do any of you guys have girl friends?" I asked then all of them turned red.

"REALLY?! Why didn't you guys tell me?! What do they look like?" I asked. "My girlfriend is named Hayley she is short but, that makes her better. She has brown hair with Carmel tips. She so beautiful. She acts a lot like Ashlynn but, Hayley gets angry easily." I could tell he really loves her.

"My girlfriends name is Anna she has blonde hair and wearband t-shirts." Luke had a dreamy look in his eyes."My girlfriend name is Aniyah she has black hair with pink at the end. She also wear band t-shirts." Calum said smiling.

"Well I have to meet them soon then!" I said excited. "We're here!" Cal yelled. I like out the window and saw Sky Zone. Sky Zone is a big trampoline place that is really fun!(sorry I don't know if they have a sky zone in Australia) "Thank you!!! I love this place!" I was really excited till..

"Hey Alaska!" I heard someone yell and when I looked behind me I saw vic. I made sure that the boys weren't going to attack him."what do you want you already said enough!" I yelled about to cry.

"Alaska, it wasn't me that posted that, it was Brandon! He hacked my account! He was mad cause I found out about him bullying you and I said that I don't want to talk to him or be friends." He explained and I could tell he wasn't lying. I just ran up to him and hugged him crying.
















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