The Nerd and The Drummer

Alaska Brooks is Calum Hoods best friend, she often got called a nerd at school. Calum decides to introduce Alaska to his band. What happens when Alaska lays eyes on Ashton?
Thank you so much @Amøur Spudnick ♬ for the beautiful cover!



Alaska P.O.V

I knocked once I got to his room. "Hello?" He said but I barely heard it. "It's me." I said going through the door. "You wanted to see me?" I asked. "Ya I just  wanted to say bye." He said getting up to give me a hug. At the end of the hug I said," Sorry about yesterday." I was blushing so hard. "It's fine!" He said cheerfully. Right when I was about to talk my phone rang. "Hello?" I asked. "Hi, princess. We need you home as soon as possible cause we want you to meet someone." Vic said, I was pretty scared. Who can this person be and why are they in my house? "I got to go." I said walking towards the door. "Bye." He said sadly. I walked out of the house saying bye to everyone. I loved Ashlynn's response though," BYE MY LITTLE POTATO FRIEND! BRING ME HOME SOME UNICORNS! WAIT FORGET THE UNICORNS I WANT A ELF! ANYWAYS BYE!" Once I got to my house I saw the one and only Ronnie Radke! "No way! I have to be dreaming!" I said freaking out. "I take it your a fan?" He said raising a eyebrow. "HECK YA!" I said loudly. "Well what's your name?" He asked. "Alaska Brooks, I'm friends with though weirdo's." I said pointing at Vic and Alex. "Well its nice to meet you! Especially since we will see each other for the next couple weeks." He said hugging me. "Oh ya by the way Alaska our flight actually leaves in a couple hours." Alex said suddenly. "Well then I'm lucky I already packed." I said bringing in my suitcases. "You will also be playing the drums for our bands since this two weeks will be warped tour!" Vic said surprising me. "Really! I can not wait!" I was jumping up and down. "Well Its time to go!" Vic said grabbing my stuff. I checked in my bookbag and made sure I have enough drumstick then away we went.


Hey guys I hope you loved this chapter! Thanks @Amøur Spudnick ♬ for giving me the idea of adding Ronnie Radke in it! You will definitely see a lot of him in the next chapters and the All Time Low and Pierce the Veil. Also I plan on throwing someone from her past into it. Who do you think it will me.

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