The Nerd and The Drummer

Alaska Brooks is Calum Hoods best friend, she often got called a nerd at school. Calum decides to introduce Alaska to his band. What happens when Alaska lays eyes on Ashton?
Thank you so much @Amøur Spudnick ♬ for the beautiful cover!


26. Hospital

It was a long car ride there and it was quiet. We pulled into the hospital and I just paid for someone to park the car. We walked into the front desk and asked the women, "Where is Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin at?" "Excuse me miss but, I cant tell you that info. For all I know you could be a fan!" She protected. "I am Ashtons sister, Ashlynn! This is my friend Alaska, Ashtons girlfriend and Calums best friend!" Ash fought back.

"Like I believe you! So many fans tried that!" She laughed. I called up Luke and told him to meet us down here. "Alaska! Ashlynn!" He came over and hugged us. You just could see the receptionist eyes get wide. "I-I a-am s-so s-sorry." She apologized. "Its fine!" I smiled. "Take us up to them please!" We begged. Luke smiled and then frowned, "Calum is awake and in pain he's been asking for you Alaska. Ashton is still awake and is only one person in at a time with him." 

He lead us to the waiting room where Michael is, "Hey Mikey." I hugged him. "It was so scary! He was about to get me in the neck but, security tackled him just in time." He hugged back. "Shh it ok. Its over now!" I sighed. They better punish this person bad cause they just get away with doing this to my friends. "Alaska...Calum wants you." Ashlynn smiled and then hugged me.

I walked in to see Calum hooked up with IV's and with a gauge on is arm. "Calum!" I teared up and hugged his good side. "Alaska." He hugged back tightly. "You guys don't deserve this at all!" I complained. "Its over now and we are ok." He smiled. "I know but..." I started but he cut me off. "NO! So where are we staying? I get released tomorrow as long as everything looks fine. Ashton should wake up soon..." He looked down.

"We are staying at Joe's house. Don't look down then I cant see your brown eyes!" I giggled. He laughed also and then a doctor walked in. "Are you Calums girlfriend?" He asked. "No im his best friend Alaska." I smiled and shook Dr. McNeil hand. "Sorry but, im going to ask you to leave for right now." He apologized. "Its fine just make him better please!" I giggled and hugged Calum them left.

I looked over and saw that Ashlynn is in Ashtons room crying. She saw me and waved me in," Alaska its ok, you can come in. I need your company right now anyways." She sniffled. I hugged her, "He's strong, he's going to wake up." "I know its so hard to see my little brother like this." She cried even harder. I looked over at him and started to tear up.

"I know me too..." I started to cry also. "Come on I don't need my two favorite girls crying!" We heard a faint voice say. We looked over and saw Ashton.  "ASHTON!" We both yelled hugging him. I gave him a long kiss," You scared us have to death!" "Well now im here and Im not going anywhere." He smiled kissing my head. "I'll let you and Ashlynn talk." I smiled leaving the room.

"No its fine you stay here with us!" Ashlynn offered while smiling. "You sure?" I asked unsure. "Yes!" She nodded and we all talked all night until Ronnie, Melissa, Nikki, and three other girls came. "I'll be right back love." I kissed him then got up. "Alaska, this is Anna my girlfriend!" I saw Luke and a girl with blonde hair. "Nice to meet you!" She smiled.

"This is my girlfriend Hayley!" Mikey hugged a girl with brown hair and its dip dyed. "Im Alaska!" I introduced myself. "Your pretty!" She complemented. "Thanks but, you are definitely way prettier than me!" I exclaimed. "Thanks!" She giggled. "Aniyah is in with Calum." Luke smiled. "CALUM!" I ran over to his room and giggled at his expression. I walked up to the girl and hugged her, "You must be Aniyah, I'm Alaska, Calums bestfriend!" She hugged back and laughed. "Nice to meet you, nice hair!" "Thanks but I should say the same to you!" Her hair is black and pink! We talked for a little then I headed back to Ashton's room.

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