Out Of The Woods

When Stephanie suddenly stopes talking, her mother sends her to live with her older brother Calum and his friends in Sydney, Australia. She is starting to become her normal self when things go south. 5 years after she runs away, her past catches up to her and she is forced to tell her sad, tragic stories that could ruin her career. What will she do now? Read to find out...


1. prologue


"You don't have to do this" I hear her say, fear and panic in her voice. "I have no other choice. It's all your fault. If you would have just listened to me, this would not have happened. I would have not have had to do this. If you would have just listened." his voice trailed off, anger and sadness in his voice. "Please no." she pleaded. As I saw a silvery shiny figure rise through the tree branches and leaves from where I stood, I heard a gasp. "Please, please don't do this. I promise I won't say anything about this!" I saw her shiny tears fall as she pleaded helplessly. "Yes, you will never say anything about this or anything else." I heard him say before pulling the trigger, leaving a deafening sound ringing through my ears. I slowly started backing away before I stepped on a twig making it crack and catching his attention. He surprisingly ignored it and turned back around and started walking away. Once I was sure he was far away enough, I made a run for it to the nearest payphone and quickly dialed 911 as an anonymous caller. Then I ran back home and didn't look back. The next morning, I decided to go for a jog and suddenly I got pulled into a back alley. "I know you were there last night, and you better not speak of this to anyone or what happened to her will not be as peaceful and quick for you and your family, got it?" I just nodded my head in response. "Good. Now, just as a little reminder," he pulled out a knife and grabbed my arm and held it out and cut my arm. "Don't forget".

A/N Hi guys! This is my first time writing and I got this inspiration from an other fanfic I read awhile back and while I was thinking what I should write about it just hit me. But I have changed a lot I things! So please comment and share!! Thanks, I love you guys!!! 

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