Out Of The Woods

When Stephanie suddenly stopes talking, her mother sends her to live with her older brother Calum and his friends in Sydney, Australia. She is starting to become her normal self when things go south. 5 years after she runs away, her past catches up to her and she is forced to tell her sad, tragic stories that could ruin her career. What will she do now? Read to find out...


5. Chapter 4


Soon after Stephanie left, Calum and the rest of the guys came back from the dentist. “Do you know Stephanie’s friend that lives here?” I asked Calum when he walked in. “yeah. Rebecca I think it was. Why? Where is she anyway?” he asked looking around. “Steph was meeting her today.”

“Okay. How’d she like the tour by the way?”

“We had a blast! Too bad you guys weren’t there. Haha”

“Oh shut up Hemmings” Michael said rolling his eyes. “She seems pretty cool.”

“Yeah, she’s great.” I said. If only she knew how much I liked her. I’ve had a crush on her since the day we met.  I walked up stairs to see a note taped to Stephanie’s door with LUKE on it. I walked up to her door and pulled it off. It read;

I went to see Rebecca, I should be home around 4-5pm. Thanks for everything mate. You’re the best!


Hoody was the nick name I gave her when we met. I asked her what her favorite character from toy story was and she said it was Woody. And that’s when she got her nick name. I smiled and went back downstairs.




“I see you’ve been having a good time here. I hope you don’t have too much fun and start talking again. Are we clear?” he asked, his voice as cold as always. I nodded my head a yes. “Good. Now, I want you to know that I’m always watching your every move. Understood? So we better not start opening our mouths. We both know very well what I’m capable of and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep this a secret. You put this on yourself, and now both of us are paying the price for what YOU did. And now, for your reminder…” he said as he grabbed my arm and pulled up my sleeve. He slowly took out his knife and did his usual routine, first the wrist, then the thighs. My tears started falling, the burning pain making it hard to breath. “You can leave now.” He said. I turned around and checked the time and I noticed that it was 4:45pm and I told Luke in a note that I would be home 15 minutes. I ran home as fast as I could. When I got there, I went in through the back door. I ran up the stairs to quickly wash up before anyone noticed my arms and legs. I grabbed sweat pants and my black long sleeves and went into the bathroom. I took a quick shower and pulled my long light brown hair back into a high pony tail then went down to join the guys and to my surprise I saw “Him” standing there between Luke and Calum talking to them.

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