Out Of The Woods

When Stephanie suddenly stopes talking, her mother sends her to live with her older brother Calum and his friends in Sydney, Australia. She is starting to become her normal self when things go south. 5 years after she runs away, her past catches up to her and she is forced to tell her sad, tragic stories that could ruin her career. What will she do now? Read to find out...


2. chapter 1

Stephanie's P.O.V

"Stephanie! You ready honey? We're going to be late for the airport!" My mum called. Today was the day I finally went to Sydney, Australia! It has always been my lifelong dream to get out of Christmas Island, a little island just on the edge of Australia, and into the New York of Australia. And now it was finally going to happen! I was also going to see my brother Calum and his friends. I had never met his friends before, but maybe that's because I haven't really been in touch with him ever since my best friend Julie was murdered about a year ago. I've gone mute ever since. It's been very hard for me since we were best friends for almost all our life. Anyways, I run downstairs and out the door to the car to put my bags in the trunk and I hop in the car and we are on our way to the airport.

As I'm waiting for my bags, I'm enjoying the song that currently describes my mood right now, Best Day Of MY Life by American Authors, when I hear a familiar voice shout my name. I turn around to see Calum sprinting towards me and enveloping me in a hug that almost knocks me over to the ground! "STEPHANIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISSED YOU SOOOOOO MUCH LIL' SIS!!!" Calum screams, making me feel like I'm about to go deaf! I smile a response and give him another hug. He helps me with my bags and we start for the car.

As Calum's driving us to his place, he tells me about his new friends, Michael, Ashton and of course the famous Luke Hemmings. Me and Luke were best friends but I may have had a bit of a crush on him ever since the day we met, but I tried to not be too clingy. To be honest, I was actually pretty excited to meet the guys since I'm usually not much of a people's person. Anyway, Calum was telling me how they uploaded a few videos to YouTube and and that they had many fans. I know that my brother's life is singing and so that made me very happy and very proud of him.

When we pulled up in front of Calum's house, I instantly saw Luke run out of the house to greet me. "Hey look at who we've got here! Well if it isn't the beautiful Stephanie Hood! How you doin' gorgeous?" he said, making me blush a little and I held a thumbs up in response. "Good" he said as he wrapped me in a hug. Calum and Luke got my bags as we walked inside I saw two boys sitting on the couch. One of them, the one with the colorful hair, was playing Call Of Duty: Black Opps II and the other one with glasses was eating chips and watching the colorful haired one play. "Mike, Ash, come meet Cal's sister!" Luke said putting down my bags on the floor. The colorful haired one instantly turned off the PS3 and got up and so did the cute one with glasses. "Hi, I'm Michael. You can call me Mike or Mikey." the colorful haired guy said. "And I'm Ashton! You can call me Ash!" the cute one with glasses said smiling. I waved and looked at Calum waiting for him to introduce me. "This is Stephanie, she doesn't talk anymore." Calum said. "Anymore? So she just stopped talking? Why? What happened?" Michael asked. Calum and Luke looked at me uncertain. I made a sign that I needed water and Luke rushed to go get me a glass. "Let's not talk about that today. Stephanie just got here, she must be tired so let's ask those kinds of questions later. Okay?" Calum said. We all nodded and I gave him a look of relief that also said "thank you, you have just saved my life!"Then Luke came with the water and said " I'm hungry, anyone up for pizza?"

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