Out Of The Woods

When Stephanie suddenly stopes talking, her mother sends her to live with her older brother Calum and his friends in Sydney, Australia. She is starting to become her normal self when things go south. 5 years after she runs away, her past catches up to her and she is forced to tell her sad, tragic stories that could ruin her career. What will she do now? Read to find out...


7. A/N

Okay, I know that most of you guys don't like these and that's why I don't write a lot of these. But please hear me out on this one!

As I've already said, this is my first book/story and I wrote that last chapter on and off through a week so I forgot some of the stuff I wrote. So "The Reminder" person is back to Wayne. Sorry about that! Also, I will try to update as much as I can but school's going to start soon and I might be having a lot of homework. So be patient with me! And if you have any ideas for the story, just send me a message! Thanks guys!


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