Out Of The Woods

When Stephanie suddenly stopes talking, her mother sends her to live with her older brother Calum and his friends in Sydney, Australia. She is starting to become her normal self when things go south. 5 years after she runs away, her past catches up to her and she is forced to tell her sad, tragic stories that could ruin her career. What will she do now? Read to find out...


10. A/N #2 PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been updating latley but the reason is that I actually write this book/story on my Ipod on Wattpad and what that basically is, that it's pretty much the same thing as Movellas. All though I do have the movellas app on my ipod but my Ipod is too old so the app won't let me write anything on it. So when I write on Wattpad I have to go on my computer and copy and past it in. So yeah, I'm really sorry for the wait. But hey! If you have Wattpad too, you can get the updates earlier. And for those who don't, I'll try my best to update as fast as I can! Once again, sorry guys! And thanks for reading my book/story!


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