I Hate You End Of Story

**Blurb**"Why can't you just leave me alone?" I spat at Josh. "Hmmm? Go play hockey with your stupid team and leave me alone I don't need a hockey player giving me tips on how to figure skate! "I yelled... As he was looking at me he grinned and said "well technically your trying to become a hockey player and I was trying to be nice but you gotta be a bitch!!" With that he turned around and walked into the guys locker room.


2. Meeting Josh

Hi Im Josh

Ive been playing hockey since i was 6.

I have Brown hair and Green eyes.

My mom is Demi Lovato

I am new. well im not new im the "newbie" on the hockey team.

theres a problem the problem is Alaska.... I absolutely hate her she always has to bitch at me in someway.

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