I Hate You End Of Story

**Blurb**"Why can't you just leave me alone?" I spat at Josh. "Hmmm? Go play hockey with your stupid team and leave me alone I don't need a hockey player giving me tips on how to figure skate! "I yelled... As he was looking at me he grinned and said "well technically your trying to become a hockey player and I was trying to be nice but you gotta be a bitch!!" With that he turned around and walked into the guys locker room.


3. Meeting Her

**Josh's point of view**

"Fucktard get down here or your going to be late" my dad screams ... Ahhhh isn't he lovely? Finally I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom stripped of my clothes and got in the shower. When I got out of the shower I put on black jeans ad my guns and roses shirt.

*skips boring car ride*

As I walked into the rink to change for practice I noticed one of the figure skaters practicing her jumps after about 20 minutes of me intently watching her she finally noticed me watching her. As she skated over I realized she was beautiful but that all went out the window when she snapped " why are you  watching me?" I simply replied with "ummm hi to you to i'm Josh your a really good skater".  She replied with "Nice name I like it! I'm Alyssa and you didn't answer my question oh and thanks can you skate?". "Alyssa a pretty name and thanks :) yea I can skate I play on the hockey team so umm yea well i gotta go change for practice nice to meet you"I said. As I walked away I heard Alyssa  say hockey not bad. By the time I finally got out  on the ice Coach Knox's was already talking to the rest of the team and telling them to divide up into 2 teams and play a quick scrimmage. After practice Mike came up to me and said that his sister was looking for me.... "Your sister?? who is your sister" I replied Mike replied with "My sister is Alyssa how did you not know that?" As Mike walked away I thought what could Alyssa want from me?


picture of mike on the side

Sorry my lovies!!!! that its short let me know what you think i should do with this story!!! next update will be longer since i'm on vacation now soooo HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!



**AUTHORS NOTE** Sorry my lovies!!!! that its short let me know what you think or I should do with this story!!! Next update will be longer since I'm on vacation now so HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!

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