I'ma Single Lady

Lacey and Jackson were together for one year and two months exactly,but little did Lacey know that Jackson was only her boyfriend for the wrong reasons but she couldn't tell until a month later that that if guys were looking at since she was very attractive that he would be angry and start huge fights at first she thought that he was just being protective of her......She was very wrong because soon he was getting mad at her and making her wear the ugliest outfits know to man,but that didn't help it made it worst because apparently guys liked her even with ugly clothes on.Three days after that Jackson broke up with her and Lacey was completely crushed into pieces one year later after Lacey pulled herself together she promised herself she wouldn't date another guy just hang out with them for a week or two nothing but friends one day when she was alone at the mall looking for a friend to hang with she spots Jackson but keeps moving and ignores his pleading for forgiveness hello..........


1. It's Not My Fault

I keep telling my Boyfriend to calm down about the guys that look at me in "the way"when we walk pass them but since he's a guy of course he won't listen so right now while he back there in front of the mall fight some poor guy while me myself and I are walking home by ourselves which sucks but you know I'm used to it I've been doing it for a year so it's no big deal.I love Jackson I really do but sometimes he's gotta chill out sometimes.

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