The Fandom Games

The Seven were transported to somewhere mysterious with just one snap of a finger.

Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Neville, and Luna were going to Slughorn's party but as soon as they passed the entrance, they weren't where they were supposed to be.

Katniss, Peeta, and Gale have been through enough pain to last a lifetime but now they are blacked out, lying somewhere unfamiliar.

Christina was supposed meet Tobias and Caleb to talk about a long dead Tris's birthday, and not have them all kidnapped.

Clary created a new rune to try and escape an unknown demon and portaled herself ,Jace, Isabelle, Alec, Simon, and Magnus to who-knows-where. What was on the other side was completely unexpected.

Two girls, of rare power, are a combination of the blood of Shadowhunters, Greek gods, and wizards. They are captured in a luxurious yet seemingly menacing place.

Let the games begin and may the feels be ever in your favor.


3. Chapter One: PJO/HOO

Piper, Jason, Annabeth, Percy, Hazel, and Frank were gathered around a little flame, dedicated to Leo Valdez, their lost friend, their brother.

"You know what he'd say if he ever came back?" Frank smiled solemnly and wan. "He'd say something in the lines of 'Super McShizzle is back!'

"Yeah... If only he was here." Jason sighed, pushing his glasses up his nose.

"WHAT'S UP, PEOPLE'S?! LEO MCSCHIZZLE IS BACK!" Leo appeared behind his friends, jumped off of Festus, helped a girl behind him off the dragon, and preceded to grin proudly at his friends, their mouths open wide in obvious shock. Piper was the first to react.

"Oh, Leo!" She flew at him with her arms wide open. "We all thought you were dead."

Percy took a step closer with an awed expression. "How did you survive and wh-"

Calypso came out from behind Leo. "Hello, Percy."

Percy blinked. "I-I thought-.".

Leo looked between Percy and Calypso with creased eyebrows.

"That I couldn't leave Ogygia?" Calypso replied sarcastically.

"Percy? Is that Calypso?" Annabeth said cautiously.

"Yeah, hold on." He fidgeted uncomfortably. "Um. Hi."

"Woah, woah, woah. This is getting intense. Where's the welcome back cake?" Leo smiled nervously, trying to break the ice.

"He's right, guys. How 'bout a friendlier welcome?" Piper glared. "Leo's just got back and this is how you guys act?"

"It's fine, Piper. I was just joking." Leo said. He started to introduce everyone. "Anyways, guys, this is Calypso. Calypso, this is Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank, and of course you know Percy. Ta-da!"

"Hi!" Piper looked excited. "So you like Leo, right? Can I plan your wedding, please?!"

"Um." Calypso was speechless for a moment. "Sure?"

"Yeasssss!!" Piper shrieked. "We, are gonna be best friends."

Calypso smiled. It has been a long time since she had real actual friends. "Yes. We are."

"I hate to interrupt, but is it just me, or are we not in Camp Half-Blood anymore?" Hazel said, looking around fearfully.

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