The Fandom Games

The Seven were transported to somewhere mysterious with just one snap of a finger.

Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Neville, and Luna were going to Slughorn's party but as soon as they passed the entrance, they weren't where they were supposed to be.

Katniss, Peeta, and Gale have been through enough pain to last a lifetime but now they are blacked out, lying somewhere unfamiliar.

Christina was supposed meet Tobias and Caleb to talk about a long dead Tris's birthday, and not have them all kidnapped.

Clary created a new rune to try and escape an unknown demon and portaled herself ,Jace, Isabelle, Alec, Simon, and Magnus to who-knows-where. What was on the other side was completely unexpected.

Two girls, of rare power, are a combination of the blood of Shadowhunters, Greek gods, and wizards. They are captured in a luxurious yet seemingly menacing place.

Let the games begin and may the feels be ever in your favor.


10. Chapter 7: PJO/HOO

Percy's POV


It was overwhelming to see Calypso again, but Percy was even more surprised at where he was. A moment ago, he was just at Camp Half-Blood, but now, the Seven and Calypso were in an unfamiliar room. It was a circled room, with multiple rooms, each door a different color. There was also a gigantic window by the sofas and a enormous flat screen television.

He started to roam around disturbed, despite his friends telling him "Be careful!" faintly in the background.

After he took in his surroundings, he announced to the group. "Um, guys? I think this is for us. There are eight rooms."

"He's right. One for each of us." Annabeth pursed her lips. She walked to the window, glanced up and down, and walked to his side. "By the looks of it, we're on the top floor of 12 levels."

"12?" Calypso asked. Everyone turned their heads to face her. "Could there be more people like us that are trapped here?"

Annabeth gave her an appreciative glance. "Perhaps, but the thing is, where are we?"

Percy went over to the sofas, grabbed the T.V. remote, and hit the on button. The screen lit up with the words "WELCOME TO THE FANDOMS, DEMIGODS.". On a small corner, it spelt "(and the child of Atlas)".

His eyes widened as the welcome screen faded and an announcer, a girl about 19 or 20 came on.

"Hello, demigods! Please take a seat." The announcer gestured in a sweeping motion with her hands. They reluctantly sat down one by one. "You might be wondering were you all are or why you are here, but that will be answered soon. First of all, I am Ivory and I will be appearing soon at your quarters as your guide. I know you have many questions, and I will answer them as well as I can."

Percy snorted, not expecting a reaction. "Is this like Skype?"

The announcer-Ivory- smiled at him. "Yes, Perseus Orion Jackson, this is just like Skype."

He narrowed his eyes in suspicion. "Who are you, really?"

Ivory rolled her eyes. "We will get to that later. Back to what I was saying, there are nine rooms, one for each of you. You will see an envelope on your pillow. Open it and take out it's contents. Then, I will come in and tell you what to do. Your powers have been subdued and your weapons have been confiscated due to security measures. Your rooms will have a different color each as to your godly parent. For example, Athena will be gray, and Poseidon will be blue. Thank you and I will see you later."

The screen darkened. Frank started to walk over to a violent red door, which was obviously his. Percy frowned and walked over to his, a sea green color. He opened the door and stepped inside. Walking to his bed, he found an envelope and opened it.

"What's this?" He murmured to himself as he flipped open the note. It read:

Dear Mr. Perseus O. Jackson,
Hello and welcome to the Fandoms. It is a place full of wonder and amazement and we are extremely happy you are able to be here. For the first week, you will have Intro Monday, Training Tuesday, Meet and Greet Wednesday, Training Thursday, and the Friday feast. Please make yourself at home and your schedule for the first week, map, and rules will be enclosed with this note. There will be a new envelope next week.

Thank you,
The Fanqueen

He dug in the envelope and pulled out two folded pieces of paper and a yellow card. Unfolding the first piece of paper, he started reading.


1. Breakfast will be served during 6:59 am through 8:00 am, lunch will be served during 12:30 pm through 1:59 pm, and dinner will be served at 6:00 pm through 7:59 pm You must come unless you would like to be dragged down there.

2. Please dress with the clothing we have provided for you and drop your own clothes into the clothing box your guide will bring in.

3. Your weapons have been taken from you when you first appeared here. You will be able to collect your weaponry during training and evaluation.

4. You may not exit the building at all times. Violaters will be given serious consequences.

5. Curfew is exactly 11:30 pm. You may not leave your quarters.

6. You may not bribe, threaten, or blackmail your sponsers.

7. If you have any questions, ask your designated guide.

8. You must participate in your training.

9. Injuring other tributes are strictly against the rules.

10. You may not harm any people of the Fandoms.

"Huh," Percy thought, stuffing the map and schedule in a back pocket of his jeans. Then he heard a small knock on his door and opened it. "Hey, Wise Girl."

"Hey, Seaweed Brain," Annabeth smiled at their little joke, but then frowned. "Percy?"


"I'm kinda scared," Annabeth confessed quietly. She took Percy's hand and led him to his bed, where they both sat. She leaned her head on his shoulder. "I really want to stop fighting and just- just live a normal life."

Percy smiled. "I know. But you know what I think?"

Annabeth tilted her head the other way. "What?"

Percy's grin grew wider. "One day, if we do enough to have the gods grant us any wish, I would imagine you ask to say anything without being punished and it would be granted."

"What would I say?" Annabeth asked warily.

Percy bit his lip. "I imagine you would tell Hera..."

"Tell Hera what?" Annabeth grinned evilly and leaned in so she could whisper in Percy's ear. "'Frick you?"

"Exactly," Percy snickered. "I could just imagine her expression, that old bat."

"Thanks." Annabeth went to kiss Percy on the cheek but Percy, being the devious little devil he was, turned his head so Annabeth could kiss his lips instead of his cheek.

"You little schist!" Annabeth laughed and shoved at Percy.

"How did you know about that? I've never told you about that!" Then he shook his head. "Oh gods, there are so many things I have to tell you about!"

Annabeth looked up at the ceiling, a corner of her lip twitching slightly. "Hazel, Piper, and I may had a girls night and we may have talked a lot, and we may have talked about annoying boyfriends."

"What!" Percy put his hand to his chest win mock hurt. "Annabeth, how could you do that? I'm not annoying!"

Annabeth raised her eyebrow.

Percy sighed in defeat. "Well, I might be annoying sometimes, but it's a 'cute annoying'."

"I guess..."

Suddenly, they heard a big boom and jumped up. Annabeth creaked the door open and took a peek at the outside. After a while, she turned to face Percy. "It's that girl again, Ivory. Our designated guide."

"I don't trust her either. She creeps me out," Percy shuddered, going to the door and slipping his hand through Annabeth's. "Let's go meet her."

"'Kay," Annabeth said as she and Percy walked out the door together. They could see the rest of The Seven, Jason with a poker face, Hazel with her arms around Franks waist, and Leo with a nonchalant grin, building a little spaceship with some tools from his belt as if he had all the time in the world.

"Look what the cat dragged in!" Leo looked up from his little creation and smirked. "What have you guys been doing? Hmm?"

"Shut up, Leo!" Annabeth rolled her eyes in annoyance, a faint blush creeping up to her face. "We weren't doing anything!"

"Ah-em," (A/N: Umbridge, anyone?) Ivory cleared her throat and tossed back her hair. The Seven looked back at her. "Hello, as all of you know, I am Ivory and you are in the Fandoms."

With her pond blue eyes and medium brown hair, she looked beautiful. Percy shook his head in disgust. This girl looked like a daughter of Aphrodite and sounded like Drew, a plastic asian Barbie tyrant back at camp.

"Where is "The Fandoms?" Jason masked his thinly hid irrtation, and Percy could see it. They all wanted answers.

"Well, it's actually nowhere." Ivory looked unsuprised at their reactions -shock, disbelief, anger- as if she expected them all along. "Technically, it's the core of emotions and fans."

"How is that even possible?" Frank asked, dubious.

Ivory sighed like she had answered those question many times. "The Fandoms is a Fanatic Kingdom, place where the impossible become possible and the undone can be done, within fandom limits of course. There are also smaller divisions of fandoms within the actual Fandoms such as fandoms of people and ships, which I will explain. For example, you, my dears, are a part of the 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' and the 'Heroes of Olympus' Fandom. The population are Fangirls and Fanboys only. I am a fangirl."

"Woah. Is there a Leo Fandom?" Leo asked, excited. Calypso smiled behind him, rolling her eyes.

"Precisely." Ivory nodded. Then she started ticking off ship fandoms off her fingers. "But there is also a Caleo, Percabeth, Jiper, and Frazel fandom, each one of the smaller departments.

"So why are we here?" Jason ground out, his teeth clenched.

Ivory looked unsure. "You will learn at The Great Feast, but not now.".

Percy snorted and rolled his eyes, his tone skeptical. "Yeah, and we're supposed believe that?"

The T.V. came back to life once more, this time with a boy and girl, about the same age as Ivory, on the screen.

"This isn't in Video Chat mode anymore," Ivory chided before Jason could say a word. "Now pay attention."

"Hello," The boy said, his hand upon the girl's. "I am King Zachary."

"And I'm Queen Lara." The girl smiled warmly, but with an expecting look in her eyes. "Welcome, to the Fandoms!"

Percy rolled his eyes. If he had a drachma for every time he came across that phrase, he would be a rich guy.

"Thank you, fangirls and fanboys, for supporting our fandoms everyday with your feels and fandoming," Lara looked genuinely thankful, but then her small smile dropped into a frown. "But I'm afraid there isn't enough to keep the fandoms standing tall."

Zachary squeezed Lara's hand. "Unfortunately, there has been a decrease in our populations and there is a virus that's slowly spreading. The Anti-Fandom Fandoms have been seriously damaging our society in order to have the Fandoms collapse for good."

Lara spoke up. "This is why we have arranged a game, a small replica of The Hunger Games, which some know very well. We will start with 5 main Fandoms and then work more and more fandoms in. "

Percy watched, dumbfounded. The name "The Hunger Games" did not sound appealing. Neither did the fact that they were participating.

When his face and name appeared on the screen, he felt even more unsettled. He spun around on his heels only to find that Ivory was gone, without a trace. "What the heck?"

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