Matt, Amy and the Dark Lords Daughter


3. three strangers meet

"Great, this just makes my day. First I have to go to the worst school in the world, then I get hit by a big blue box in the sky!"exclaimed the 11 year old that was on her broom headed to Hogwarts.

"Firstly, Oh My God did you say Hogwarts!!! And secondly very sorry for bumping into you." Said Amy still amazed. " Yes we are very sorry but you must be on your way to get to the train, right?" Said the Doctor hopefully.

"Wait, i never told you that I was going on a train! And also you stupid people my name is Lideous everyone knows my name! What are you, muggles?" She said as she gave a smirk that was a "I am better than you" kinda smirk.

" Actually I'm an alien. She's the muggle here." He said as he thumbed at Amy. As an expert on Harry potter herself she knew that muggle meant human so she was not offended.

" I don't need help from some stupid strangers, not to mention insane or you weird wooden box!!" And with that she raced to Hogwarts train station.

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