Matt, Amy and the Dark Lords Daughter


2. inside the big blue box

"UMMMMM.. Doctor..."said a tall woman with long red hair. " What Amy? I'm extremely busy" said the supposed Doctor. "Doctor!!!" Said Amy. "Fine I'm coming...Know tell me, What's the matter??" He asked.

"Well, we just ran into a little girl, on a broom, in the clouds!" Said Amy. " O my god we just ran into a witch!" He exclaimed. "What witches are real?!?" She asked wide-eyed, she had seen many things on her adventures through time and space with the doctor but not a witch.

"Well, yes and no, yes as in there are witches and wizards that do spells and potions. And no as in they are not ugly old things like the story's say." He tried to explain to his clueless companion. "They are actually quite nice and wise some evil, but most good." He finished. "So this is exactly like Harry potter!!!"she said. "Umm about that, Harry Potter is real." He nervously explained."OMG" she replied.

"Well what do we do?? We can't just hit her with a big blue box that's in the sky then "she asked. "Well we can't lose our manners let us say a quick hello!"he said as he moved towards the door. Then he opened it popped out his head and said "Hello there little which, I'm the doctor and this is my companion, Amy."

(Draco tennant- more chapters on the way, sorry)

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