Matt, Amy and the Dark Lords Daughter


4. at/on the the train

As Lideous looked around at the train stop she knew where to go.She just strutted through the brick wall and found herself standing in front of a rusty old train.

She looked around at all the kids saying bye to their crying parents "I'm so glad my parents aren't here that would be so embarrassing." She thought but deep down a part of her wanted them here with her to say goodbye.

She hopped on the train and sat with a boy he was slytherin and he was a almost-white blond with silver eyes. He was hot! She thought staring at him."What are you looking at?" The boy said with a smirk. " Ummm..." She said nervously, " The names Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, and you?" Said Draco. " Riddle, Lideous Riddle."

"The Lideous Riddle" he asked wide eyed. " Yes the Lideous Riddle." She said as she rolled her eyes, she had heard that line everywhere she went. "Well, I think we will get along very nicely then." He said as he smirked again, he was starting to like her.

"So, why are you going to this horrid school, you, madam deserve much better" he said. "My father wants me on Harry Potters case, you?" She said sadly. "Same for me sadly, this stupid school is like a thousand years old!" He exclaimed.

"I know but, if going to this awful place means that we have a chance of meeting this illusive Potter figure than, I can manage." She said boldly. "So can I but, at least I'll have you while I'm here." Said Draco as he slithered his hand over to hers and clutched it,"I think we will get along very nicely" said Draco.

And they talked the whole Tim they were on the train.

(Sorry I couldn't get the italics and underline to go off but I still hope you like it.)

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