Matt, Amy and the Dark Lords Daughter


1. On the way to Hogwarts

"Lideous wake up!" Exclaimed Mrs.Riddle. "Omg this is the day!" Said the young girl as her mother exited the room."Yes that is correct," Said her father." The dreadful day when my perfect pure-blood daughter goes to a horrid school ruled by the idiotic old geezer, Dumbledore. He was the worst thing that ever happened to that school !!" He said, but she already knew that, she had heard it a million times and definatly agreed with her well-known father, Tom Riddle and her mother Belletrix Riddle too.

Lideous was 5 when she first learned that her family was evil blood. She was raised the best, rich and a pure-blood. Since that was how she was raised she turned out a spoiled little brat. (Like someone else we'll se along the way)

It seemed as if it had been a year since her letter had come. She was finally going to the worst school ever, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Well, the only reason she was going there was because her father needed her to watch snaps and Harry Potter because he doesn't know if Harry is evil and perfect or a good fool.

"Get ready the train leaves in....A HOUR!!!!" Her mother screamed. That made Lideous panic! "I can't be late I have to meet Potter before anyone else does!!"

She said as she jolted across her bedroom. She went to her closet "at least I already packed" Lideous thought. As she got in her new black robe. "Ahhhhh" she breathed out. Today was going to be a long day she just knew it.

"Come down here. We must leave now" Said her father. And with that she grabbed her chest and went down stairs. She also grabbed her pet cat Cheshire on the way, Her family found him in wonderland while visiting their friend the Red Queen.

"Come now my child, don't be afraid." Said her mom. "Mom I'm not the slightest bit afraid, I'm never afraid of anything ." Said Lideous as she jumped on her broom. "BYE!!!" She screamed as she lifted off the ground. "And don't worry, I will get Potter!" She said as her parents left her eyes.

It seemed as if the broom ride was going to take forever she thought. "Ugh-WHOOOSH!!!!!!!!!. AHHHHH she screamed! "OH MY GOD Why is there a giant blue police public call box flying in the sky???!!!

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