1. pilot

Hey,i'm jessica green.everyone call me jess.i'm 19 and i live in a far away city in body has ever heard about this city and the people who have think it's a scary and crazy city full of psychos.

But i love living here it's actually an intresting place.i live with my best friend,jade.

She is an amazing girl but she bosses every body around and at the same time she is crazy and friendly...

My other best friend,jake,lives in the apartmant below us.he is gay.and he has a boyfriend named mat we have known for a while know and he is really great.

We hang out everyday.jade works at a coffee shop and jake and mat are both painters.i on the other hand work at a mental hospital...whenever i tell that to somebody they look at me like i'm crazy and thats really ok with me.i love working there.i work there as a therapist.i just love to listen to peoples problems and to be honest some of them are not even crazy...I just talk to them and I try to fix their job is simple and I do it 5 days a week so I'm used to it.

Everything at my job was usual until the day we has a new visitor...

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