Little Brother

They're always watching.


1. Prologue

I'm sure that most of you have either watched or heard of Big Brother; well this is a new show which is sort of a spin off to Big Brother. I'm lucky enough to be one of the contestants this year and I can't wait. 

Okay, so the show is called Little Brother because it's Big Brother for teenagers. I know it sounds cheesy and all but who cares what it's called, I'm going into the house. Eeeep!

My name is Hazel Daniels, I'm 17 and a Sagittarius in case you were wondering. I have an older brother who is also my best friend. We live together in a small house. Both of our parents passed away last year and we're struggling to get the money for food and the bills but we manage, just about. That's the main reason why I applied for the show. The quarter of a million pound prize for the winner. We really could do with the money but I don't want to play on that fact. I don't want the sympathy vote. I won't tell everyone, that is unless I need to. 

The other reason I wanted to come on the show is that ever since I was about 10, I watched Big Brother but you have to be at least 22 to be eligible for a spot on the show. I was always planning to apply when I was old enough but then, Little Brother came along and it seemed perfect. 

So, when I finally enter the house, I'm going to at least try and follow these rules:

1) Be truthful and honest to everyone when possible.

2) Don't bitch about people (never going to happen with a house full of hormonal teenagers but wishful thinking).

3) Try not to bring up the whole sob story about my life

4) Don't tell everyone that I'm a nerd.

5) Do not, repeat NOT, tell anyone about the self-harm or the endless list of other problems I have, I can't be done with the questions that follow that.

So, I'll try and follow those 5 rules, no promises but I'll try. Anyway, I need to go and get ready for the show this evening now.

This book might not go to well. Not sure about what's going to happen. Who wants to know the secret... well to bad, you'll have to wait and see. 

Please vote, comment and share my story. Let's get as many people reading as we can. I've never really seen many Big Brother books on here so I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing but here goes.

Sarah xx


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