Little Brother

They're always watching.


3. Chapter Two

Hazel's P.O.V.

Finally, everyone else made their way to the bedroom and chose their beds. I was obviously not surprised when Sophie, Lucy and Mia chose the beds furthest away from me and Ebony. I also wasn't at all shocked when Aiden decided to claim the bed next to Sophie; I was however pleasantly surprised when Ashton didn't chose the bed next to Aiden but the one across the room from me. Sophie looked at him weird but wiped the look off her face when she saw me looking at her. All I could think though is that I get to wake up every morning and look at Ashton's beautiful face.

"Shut up. He doesn't like you!" I shouted at myself when the thought popped into my head. It turns out that I said the first part out loud as Ebony looked at me worried.

"No one said anything Hazel. Are you okay?" She did look genuinely worried and I felt bad for worrying her. Nothing was wrong, I just told myself to shut up. Now I sound crazy. I wasn't completely okay though. I really liked this kid and there is no way in hell he would ever like me so I'm stuck at a bit of a dead end now. 

"I'm fine" I sighed and I think she knew that I was down about something. Even though we had only known each other for a couple hours, she seemed to know me more than a lot of people who have known me for years. I guess we sort of just clicked when we first met. It's strange but I'm glad I have someone in here that I can honestly call my friend. 

"You know..." I was cut off by a voice across the bedroom.

"What are you two sluts talking about?" I turned to see Aiden sniggering at me and Ebony. I really hate him. No. I despise him. "And why aren't you sharing a bed with your fat ass boyfriend over there.  Fat mum add fat dad equals little fat babies."

"You were both made for each other." Sophie said. I was just about to walk up to them and slap them both when little brothers’ voice echoed through the house. 

"Can Aiden Summers please come to the diary room immediately." What's going on? Is this like a secret task or something? A thousand questions ran through my head and I momentarily forgot about what I had just been called. 

"What do you think's going to happen?" I turned back to Ebony and waited for her answer.

"I don't know. I hope he's getting told off for what he just called you." I hadn't thought of that. What if he is getting like a warning or something. It'll just make him hate me more. Is he going to hurt me?

"No he isn't going to hurt you; if he does then he'll just get told off again." How did she know what I was thinking is she psychic?

"Again, no I'm not physic; you just spoke your thoughts out loud, twice." She laughed a little which made me laugh and soon we were both hysterically laughing again. I swear I haven't laughed this much since, well, I can't actually remember when I did laugh this much. Thinking of that only depressed me. That's when I remembered what Aiden had called me. He called me a slut and then he called me fat. I mean, I don't care that he called me a slut, it's not like I am one but it's the fact that he called me fat. 

When I was 13, I wasn't the skinniest girl in the year. I was bullied. I was called fat and other names which I don't want to repeat. When I look back now, I realise that I wasn't actually that fat but at the time, it was the worst feeling ever. I felt unwanted and unloved and I couldn't handle it anymore. Then I started cutting at 14 like I said before and I swear at one stage about a month before my 15th birthday, I thought that my only option was suicide. Obviously I didn't do anything to drastic otherwise I wouldn't be here today but I did cut. I also became badly anorexic. I still am but I'm not as bad as I used to be. It's a hard habit to get out of. I can't eat as much as I used to even though I know I'm not fat but at least I eat enough. Also, the fact that my parents passed away when I was just 8 didn't really help but I don't really remember them. They're more like a story to me.

"Hazel, Hazel. Are you okay? Hazel." I was snapped out of my very depressing flashback when I felt someone shaking me. I didn't know who it was. I forgot where I was and started to panic. I hadn't had a panic attack for years but the fact that lots of people were gathered around me only added to the panic. Being claustrophobic was really annoying.

I started thrashing my arms around and my fist collided with someone’s chest. I looked up and was met by a pair of hazel eyes and a calming voice.

"Hazel, it's me Eric. It's okay. You're okay." His voice did sooth me a bit but I still didn't like so many people crowding round me.

"I, I need space. I need air." I shouted with a bit more force than I intended. I pushed past someone who I have no idea who it was and ran out of the bedroom and into the garden. Sadly, the garden wasn't empty and Ashton and Sophie were sat kissing and being all flirty with each other. I couldn't stop the tears from flowing down my cheeks as I ran up into the treehouse. I jumped onto the sofa in there and curled up into a ball. 

I was still panicking about how everyone crowded around me in the bedroom but what really upset me was seeing Ashton with Sophie. It felt like he had cheated on me but we were never going out. It felt as if he had ripped out my heart and tore it into shreds before stamping on the remains. I sat crying for ages.


After about an hour, the door opened slowly to reveal a slightly nervous looking Eric. He was actually adorable. He had beautiful hazel eyes and like I already said, he's actually quite attractive. He's smart and good looking but most people would just think of him as a geek in glasses. Yes he has glasses but they're them big geek glasses which are actually stylish.

"Are they real glasses or just a fashion accessory?" I don't know why I asked. He hadn't even said hi or anything but I wanted to break the silence.

"No, I need them. They're real but I usually just wear contacts." He replied whilst smiling. I moved over on the sofa to give him some room and after just a second of hesitation, he sat down. "Are you okay Hazel?" 

His question took me by surprise. What did he mean? He didn't know about me liking Ashton so how did he know I was upset other than the red eyes and tear stained face which I could see in the window reflection.

"What do you mean?" 

"You bolted out of that bedroom faster than, well, I don't know what you were faster than but you were fast." He smirked. Where had this come from? Earlier he was so shy around me and now he seemed comfortable with me. I wasn't complaining but he had changed a bit. 

"Oh, yeah, that." I looked at my hands in my lap and rested my head on his shoulder. I don't know why I felt so comfortable with him. Maybe it's because he reminded me of one of my best friends Riley. He's just amazing. He has such great fashion sense, he loves shopping with me and Annie and he is so much fun at sleepovers. And before you ask, we don't get up to any funny business because he's gay. He's also the only person other than Annie who knows about my cutting. I completely forgot that I was in the middle of talking to Eric so when he spoke I jumped and fell off the couch in the treehouse.

"You don't have to answer if you don't want." He laughed. I couldn't help but laugh as well. Then a thought popped in my head. Eric was well dressed. Fun to be around. Didn't get all flirty when I put my head on his shoulder. 

"Are you gay?" The question was out of my mouth before I could even think about it. I slapped my hands to my mouth and started shaking my head. "OMG! I'm so, so sorry. I didn't mean it. I just..."

"It's okay Hazel." He gave me a sweet smile then whispered much quieter. "Yes I am gay."

I let out a loud sigh which made us both laugh again. I'll have to set him up with Riley. He's definitely Riley's type. Pretty face, tall, smart. I voiced my thoughts aloud.

"My best friends gay. I should set the two of you up." I winked at him and he seemed to light up. His smile reached his eyes and he looked absolutely adorable.

"Really? I never meet people... like me." He had raised his voice again and obviously didn't want to admit to everyone that he was gay. "You know, I've never told anyone about my sexuality, other than my parents but I feel like I can trust you with everything, is that weird?" The thing is was that I felt like I could trust him to. I wanted to tell him everything about me but I had to make sure I could honestly trust him. I know it's a long shot to ask for trust in this house but I he has been honest with me so I feel like I can be with him.

"If I tell you something, do you promise to keep it a secret and not even talk about with little brother in the diary room?" I asked nervously lowering my voice a bit again.

"Cross my heart and hope to die." He smiled but his face dropped when he saw the serious look on my face.

"Okay. I've only ever told my two best friends about this but here goes. I took a deep breath and began telling him the story of my life. 

"When I was 8 my parents passed away. Obviously I was distraught but I didn't really understand too much and now I barely remember them. I didn't get told how they died until I was 14 but at that stage I was already going through a lot. I'll get back to that in a second. Basically, what had happened with my parents was that my dad had abused my mother. I never saw anything out of the ordinary that I can remember but of course I didn't not see anything if you get what I mean." I took a deep breath and he smiled at me, encouraging me to carry on. "My father killed my mum and then my dad died of overdose. Then when I was 13, I got called fat and some other stuff and the bullying got so bad that when I turned 14, I started cutting." I pulled my arm out and showed him my scars. "It only got worse when the names continued and I became anorexic. I honestly thought that suicide was my only option at one stage but Annie and Riley; my best friends got me through it. I stopped the self-harm thing about a month ago but I'm still very insecure about my weight. I'm getting better but I still have a long way to go."

He looked at me shocked for a minute. I was shocked that I just admitted that so easily to a person I'd only known for hours. It seemed right to tell him though. I think I just needed one person to know what I'd been through so if I needed to talk about it, I knew that they were there. I know that I had just broken rules 3 and 5 but I don't care. Rules are made to be broken right? The only thing I questioned was that I told Eric and not Ebony even though Ebony and I had already talked about our lives quite a bit.

"So…" I didn't know what to say and I don't think he did either but saying that one word seemed to make it even more awkward. I guess what would you say when a person you barely know just told you that.

"Thank you." I looked at him puzzled. I was not expecting that to be the first thing for him to say.

"About what?"

"For opening up to me. I know it must have been tough, especially in here and all, but no one has ever truly trusted me before. I've never really been part of a group, never really had any friends but it's nice to know that I can trust you." He smiled and a smiled back.

"Please don't mention it." I know I'd just said that but I had to be sure. I think I can trust him know anyway.

"I promise." Then he did something that surprised me; he practically leapt on me like a dog and engulfed me in a big warm hug. He was ever so warm and I felt safe for the first time in years in pretty much a strangers arm. I think I need help. I laughed at my own joke a bit.

"What's so funny?" He pulled away and looked me dead in the eye. He couldn't keep the straight face for long as I was smiling at him.

"Nothing, it's just that I completely opened up to you and I've known you, what, about 4 hours." I smiled and he returned it with a cheeky and mischievous grin which I didn't quite know the meaning of.

 "What's the grin for?" I asked slightly worried.

"Can I do something please?" I was still confused but I nodded my head in agreement. His next actions surprised me but I couldn't help but blush. He gently took my hand and turned it palm up; he then laid a few soft kisses on my wrists where my scars are.

"You're beautiful and kind and probably one of the first people who has ever really talked to me." He smiled and I blushed even more. "And me calling you beautiful is pretty special seeing as how I'm gay."

"Well thanks... I think." I looked down to try and hide my blush but I think he still saw it. 

"You know, you might turn me." He winked. "Straighten me out."

We were both quite for a second and looked each other in the eye but then both burst out laughing.

"I think I like you." I said with another smile. This is definitely the most I've smiled... ever.

"I think I like you too."

And with that, we both made our ways out of the treehouse as little brother called all the housemates to the bedroom as it was lights out.


 When we got in there, we were obviously bombarded with snide comments about what we'd been doing in the treehouse for so long. I just ignored them though. Sophie, Mia, Lucy and sadly Ashton were all laughing hysterically, but there was no sight of Aiden. I wonder if he's still in the diary room. Surely he can’t be; I've been gone for about an hour so he can't have been in there the whole time. Unless it was a secret challenge.

"Where's Aiden?" I asked Ebony but before she could answer, as if on cue, he waltzed on into the bedroom and retook his place behind Mia on her bed from earlier. She cuddled up to him and for a second, I was actually jealous that it wasn't me and Ashton doing that. 

"Speak of the devil." Ebony whispered in my ear.

"Hazel, get you fat arse... I mean, please could you come over her for a second." I snapped my head round to face Aiden and saw him with a completely fake smile on his face. I stood up and walked over to him. I could see that Ashton was looking at me, probably confused just like me, but I decided to try and add an extra bit of sway to my hips as I walked in front of him in an attempt to look a little bit sexier. It completely failed by the way.

When I got to Aiden on the bed I just stood there looking at him with my hand on my hip once again trying to look sexy but failing.

"What?" It was the one word I could say but it had so much venom, so much hatred in it.

"I just wanted to say sorry for calling you a slut before. It was wrong of me." He said in a sickly sweet voice.

"Okay." Once again, I kept it short and sweet.

"I'm not really sorry you know they just made me say sorry. I think you're a fat, ugly piece of shit that is most probably a nerd and has no friends. If I was your parents I would try and give you back and no doubt at the hospital they probably did." He smirked.

"What?" My voice cracked and a tear fell down my check.

"Did I make the poor little fat girl cry?" Aiden mimicked my voice and pretended to wipe a tear away. 

"You have gone way too far now." Was the only thing I heard before I saw Eric's fist collide with Aiden's 'Oh So Perfect' face. 

 So what do you think is going to happen? By the way, it's not like Big Brother in the sense of them getting kicked out for hurting people physically or mentally, they just get punished.

What do you think about her previous life? I know I didn't go into much detail but I wanted to keep it suitable for some of the younger readers as well as the older ones.

Do you like Eric and what do you think of Aiden? Dickhead right? Yeah I thought so. Please comment your thoughts about the storyline and characters. I love to hear what you guys think. Also, feel free to inbox me.

So, please comment, vote, share, add to your library or whatever else you do: D

Bye Sarah xx

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