Little Brother

They're always watching.


4. Chapter Three

Hazel's P.O.V.

"Did I make the poor little fat girl cry?" Aiden mimicked my voice and pretended to wipe a tear away. 

"You have gone way too far now." Was the only thing I heard before I saw Eric's fist collide with Aiden's 'Oh So Perfect' face.

I can't believe what I just saw. Eric is like the sweetest, most kind-hearted person I have ever met and he just punched someone who in the face. Before what I just saw, I would have  thought that Aiden could take Eric on easily but now I see what he can really do, I'm not so sure. He's serious when it comes to something that matters to him. Wait, does that mean that I matter to him? I hope so; I really do like him and I hope we are friends outside the house as well.

"You little shit!" Aiden screamed, snapping me out of my day dream. Wow. He was angry but then what did I expect when some dude just came out of nowhere and punched him.

"Why the fuck did you just say that other? You have no idea." Eric was so sweet but he just said way too much. Everyone will want to know now. They'll all have questions.

"Okay Eric. That's enough. Just leave it." I tried to port the two boys off of one another but of course, I couldn't. "Eric please stop."

I said the second part as if it was a plee. I was about ready to get on my hands and knees when little brother decided to announce that it was time for everyone  to sleep. Thank God.

"This isn't over nerd." Aiden snarled.

"Oh, I think it is." I said whilst already dragging Eric to the bed beside mine.

I tried to get to sleep immediately when the lights were turned off but obviously I could still hear the snide remarks from Aiden, Lucy, Sophie, Mia and Ashton. Once again, when I heard Ashton speak, it hurt the most.

I let the silent tears slip down my face. No one could see so why did it matter. Then I remembered that I'm on a tv show. I started wiping my eyes but the odd tear still escaped. Then I made the worst mistake yet. I looked up to the bed opposite me and found Ashton's eyes. I looked at him with such awe. How could one man be so perfect? I honestly don't know the answer to that. We kept our eye contact for a few seconds; me admiring his beauty and him probably looking at me like I was a piece of shit.

I finally managed to close my eyes and lose with Ashton's beautiful blue orbs. I slowly but surely drifted off to sleep.


Well, I woke up this morning to the deafening snore of Ross (the fat one just to clarify). He finished his horrendous snoring, which must have, somewhere in the world, broken a record for either how loud it was or how many different versions there were, I mean there was a little girl snore which was soft and petit and then there was a snore which sounded like a walrus getting hit by a bus (don’t know why I used that expression, but it’s got a ring to it). Then he started sleep talking, but it wasn’t odd words that didn’t make sense, it was full sentences. He was talking about my conversation with him last night. He started with my description of Mia, Lucy and Sophie or ‘the Barbie’s’ as we all call them. They heard it all. How I thought they were rich snobs with no friends who liked them for them, only the ones that liked their money and looks.

"What the fuck?" Sophie shouted at the top of her voice. I was completely surprised that Ross didn't wake up.Like really, that kid could sleep through the apocalypse.

"Why would you say that slut?" It was Aiden's turn to speak. What do I do know? Seriously, any ideas. I got nothing.

"I, well, we were just..." I was cut off by Ross. I swear this couldn't get any worse.

He started by saying that I thought Aiden was totally fake and playing everyone to try and win the money (which, by the way, I think is totally true). He also said that I think that Aiden is a spoilt rich kid who expects all the ladies to swoon over him and fall at his feet. When he said that I could help but start laughing but I was soon silenced by the glare I received from Aiden.

I was totally relieved when Ross didn’t mention anything I had said about Ashton and hoped that he wouldn’t notice but, guess what, he noticed, along with everyone else.

"What did you say about me then?" Ashton sneered whilst smirking. Even when he was being evr or mean to me, I couldn't help but think about how good he looked when he just woke up. His chocolate brown hair was scruffy but he could most certainly pull it off, his blue eyes were electric and his abs were completely on show, like seriously, he was perfect. I was totally not going to answer that though. "Really what did you say?"

Sadly, I didn’t need to answer because Ross did all the explaining for me… thanks Ross (once again, note the sarcasm). He said, that I said, that Ashton was beautiful. That I thought that Ashton was cute and hot and his eyes were just amazing. He also said that neither Mia, Lucy nor Sophie deserved him. He just needed to get them out of his head and move on. Plus, if he stopped trying to hang out with the snobs and Aiden, then he would be really kind and considerate. If you removed the tuff kid exterior then he would be really sweet with a heart of gold.

Well that wasn’t awkward. I felt colour rush to my face colour and my heart started pounding in my ears. I started to wonder if everyone else could hear the frantic beating of my heart. As I sat, on the edge of my bed all I could see was the corners of Aiden's mouth kinking up into a smile; not a nice and caring smile like your mum gives you when you cut your knee, no, this was a cruel smile, a rotten smile, a hateful smile.

"So. You and Hazel hey mate?" Aiden directed it to Ashton but his eyes never left me. I don't know what to do know. Tears filled my eyes and I ran out of the bedroom into the toilet as they all sat bursting into hysterics and rolling over with laughter. Surprisingly, Ashton didn’t join in with his group who were all know full on laughing at me, he just sat there seeming just as embarrassed as I was but he obviously wouldn’t let that show, he’s too tough to care and be upset.

I felt salty tears stream down my red face and sunk onto the closed toilet seat. I could hear them laughing at Ashton as well as me now. They teased him about how beautiful and perfect he was and I started to feel sorry for him. I shouldn't fell bad for him, but I do, I can't help it. I didn't feel too bad though, just this once I didn’t care so much about everyone else but I actually cared about me and how bad I must really look.

As the sleep talking and snoring stopped, the room became deadly silent. It was as if someone watching the show had pressed the pause button on the remote. Then I remembered that my friends and family were probably watching this … eek. I could imagine everyone staring at Ross as he stretched and sat up on his bed. I was just about to gather up what was left of my dignity and go to the diary room, but just as I was about to, I heard a voice.

“Can all house mates gather on the sofas”. My heart sunk because I knew I would have to face them all. I would have to face Ashton. After I heard them all leave the bedroom, I decided to pull myself together and sort out my face by slapping on some lippy and foundation. Then the voice came again

"Can ALL house mates gather on the sofas”. I stood up walked to the bedroom to grab my favourite jumper (the red one which says geek) and half ran to the leather sofa furthest away from Ashton. I didn't look up once. I ended up sitting next to Ebony and Eric who I could say were my best mates in the house. I made a point of not making eye contact with anyone, especially not Ashton or Aiden, and sat looking at my lap. My nail varnish had suddenly become very interesting.

I managed to sneak a quick glance at Ashton from the corner of my eye and saw that he was sat alone. I also saw that his eyes were fixed on me so I quickly went back to twiddling my thumbs and looking at the floor. I was thinking about how Ashton must hate me now that his ‘friends’ were laughing at him and I was the reason. He was alone right now and it was my fault. Actually, theoretically, it was Ross's fault but I still blame myself 'cause I was the one who said it in the first place.

 Great! Now at least half the house hates me. The little brother voice came again louder than before which made me jump.

“House mates, your first task to get your luxury shopping budget is simple. All you must do is follow these simple instructions. Can all house mates divide into two groups?” Well that wasn’t hard. We all divided extremely quickly into the two sides; we all did except for Ashton who was still sat on the sofa. Quickly Mia yanked him over to their side and the house was divided with: me, Ebony, Ross, Eric and Blaine on one side and Aiden, Sophie, Lucy, Mia and a reluctant Ashton on the other. Then we all sat down in our teams.

“Now you will be paired with a house mate from the opposite team at random. You will be tied with a rope to your partner.” I felt terrible again and I swear my heart actually stopped beating for a few seconds. So, basically do we have to like spend all of our time with this one person. That's gonna be interesting seeing as how all the other group hate me.

A random selector thing came on the big flat screen TV and pulled two names out at a time. The first two names pulled out were Aiden and Ebony; I felt so sorry for her, having to stay tied to him for however long this task would take. The next four names were pulled out; first were Ross and Sophie then Blaine and Mia. The four names that remained in the selector were Eric, Lucy, me and … Ashton.

I was starting to feel dizzy when the next names were pulled out. I held my breath sending a silent prayer that it would be me and Lucy even though I can’t really stand Lucy; I would prefer to be with her than Ashton. So the names were pulled out and it was Lucy and Eric. My head was spinning as the last names were drawn: Ashton and Hazel. Ashton just stared at me which actually started to freak me out. I mean, I wanted his attention but not because he had to be tied to me and all. I couldn't read his expression which made it even worse.

We were given a rope which tied our wrists together which made it impossible to go more than a metre apart. Then it became clear to me that this was going to be even harder than I’d thought, I needed the toilet and there was no way I was “going” in front of Ashton. I mean, I didn’t particularly want to talk to him let alone pee with him stood right there.

Anyway, I could wait a while and I wanted to go swimming and it turned out that nearly everyone else did as well. We would probably all end up just sitting in the hot tub because we can't actually swim when we are all tied together. There is just one problem. Getting changed. Turns out I wasn’t as struck on the idea as I had been when I thought of it but I couldn’t change my mind now.

We were all in the bedroom and the first person to get changed was Sophie. She just told Ross and the other boys to look away which they did and then she just got changed right in the middle of the room. Mia and Lucy did the same, following their queen bee as usual. Aiden was the first boy to get changed. He managed to get the girls to turn around but I could so tell that the Barbie girls were looking behind themselves with their compact mirrors. Eric, Ross and Blaine managed to get changed but there was certainly no peeking in mirrors when they got changed. Ebony was the last girl except for me to get changed into her black swimming costume and then everyone left the bedroom leaving me and Ashton alone. No one seemed to notice us as we stood in the corner of the room.

Ashton opened his mouth then closed it again like he was going to say something but then, well, didn’t. I stood their awkwardly when he finally spoke.

"Could you please turn around?" He asked. I turned around and he got changed with quite a lot of difficulty as we were chained together. The others all seemed to do it really easily but we really did struggle. When I turned around he was stood so close to me I could feel the warmth radiating off his body. My head was level with his shoulders and I could see his strong body tense as we just stood in silence. His skin was perfect and looked as soft as silk. I would have done anything to just fall into his chest and have him rap his strong arms around me and… I snapped myself out of my little fantasy. I sounded like some pedophile like I wanted to rape him or something.

"Are you gonna get changed now?" He looked at me weird which is when I realised that I was staring at his perfect abs. I blinked quickly, averting my gaze and nodded. He turned around and I got changed as fast as I could. 

I got changed into a floral print bikini. It's actually really cute to be fair. The base colour is black but it's covered in small pink, white and blue flowers which contrast to the black really nicely. When I was ready, he turned around again and we stood there again just looking at each other which was totally awkward. I finally built up the courage to talk.

"We should go outside. The others will wonder where we are." He nodded in agreement. Then I whispered under my breath. "Not that they'll care if I don't go out." I don't know whether he heard but if he did, he decided not to say anything, probably because he thought the same thing. We walked silently out of the bedroom, which was, once again, extremely awkward.

When we all settled in the hot tub I was, once again forgotten by Ashton as the three blondes held all the boys attention. They were all dressed in what I suppose you could call a bikini but they were really just wearing the tiniest triangles of material. They all had super tanned bodies, obviously fake but they didn't look orange. When I attempted to have a fake tan, I ended up looking like a tango can. Anyway, they had to be, at most, a size six. My choice of swimwear was less revealing than Mia, Lucy and Sophie’s choice of attire and Ebony's costume was less revealing still but made her look even thinner than she already was because black has an extremely slimming effect. I had been trying to avoid this topic all day but then Aiden had to go and bring it up.


“So Hazel, you really think I’m fake?” what he said wasn’t really a question, it was more of a way for him to bring the whole topic up again and I hated him for that. I didn’t reply and just pretended I hadn’t heard him.

“Well it’s rude to ignore someone don’t you think? It’s also very rude to call someone fake behind their back. You could have told me that’s the way I appeared or better still, stop making up lies you little … well, I won’t say anything that I’ll regret later like you did.” I just kept gazing into the distance which made me look like I was studying a stool. The fact was, I didn’t regret anything I’d said about them, apart from Ashton, and I would quite happily say it all again.

"I'm not a bitch though am I" Mia very loudly whispered to Lucy. They agreed and said the same thing about themselves. Of course that just made them all sound like bigger snobs than before. Then their attention was all on me and what Ross had said earlier. I was expecting Ashton to start laughing with them but he just looked at them with one of those “shut up” looks. It was a bit late for that after what they called us, 'Beauty and the Freak'. Although I was glad to see that Ashton did just as much not want to talk about it as me. Like me, he simply wanted to drop the conversation. As I sighed (much louder than I thought it would come out) I realised what Aiden's next topic was.

“So Hazel what makes you think that Ashton would ever go out with a girl as ugly, fat and stupid as you?” he said while he was sniggering. I wanted to stand up slap him and walk away but I couldn’t because Ashton was far stronger than me with those muscles and six-pack and that stupid v-line that kept catching my eye. It was totally visible. Anyway, back to the point, he was stronger than me so I couldn’t pull him away and out of the hot tub.

"How ridiculous could you be? Did you really think that he would choose you over three smoking young birds?" The way Aiden said that made my skin crawl. I'm not 100% sure why it did, but it did. He also said I should get my head out of the clouds and back to the real world were a guy like Ashton would never go for a girl like me.

"Ashton, you got nothing to say, I mean you’d usually be laughing at this useless waste of space, unless, you like her.” Okay, that made me lose it.

I started lashing out at him and screaming “Leave him alone” and “Don't bring him into this”. I don’t know why I felt so protective over him when he couldn’t ever even think about liking me. Could he? I think it's just because I always put others first. I know I'm nothing special, I'm no Nelson Mandela or Mother Teresa but I still don't like to see people suffer or get caught up in things that aren't to do with them, especially when it's my fault.

Ashton had to break up the fight and Ebony sat there, tied to Aiden, gobsmacked at how strong I was and how strongly I felt about this. I don’t think she was the only one who was surprised at my strength, me being one of them. I mean, this is a 17 year old girl who couldn’t even beat a 10 year old at an arm wrestle and now I was almost drowning an 18 year old guy. I didn’t mean to nearly drown him by the way, I just, well … I got mad.

Ashton was pulling me off Aiden and had a hard time taking me to the bedroom. I was still very, very angry with Aiden and felt sorry for Ashton. I didn't mean to do this to him. Ashton was sat down on the bed whilst I slightly paced before him. I couldn't go very far but it seemed to cool me off a bit, only a bit though. I slumped onto the bed as far away from Ashton as possible. I would love to have sat down, snuggled against him, capturing his warmth, but now that I had calmed down a bit, I realised that I was still in a bikini which was slightly embarrassing. Okay, I really need to stop fantasising about Ashton picking me up and carrying me in the clouds like some fallen angel because, well, it’s extremely distracting.

Ashton was just about to say something when Sophie strutted in like she was on some fashion runway show dragging Ross along by the wrist which was really quite an achievement. She came straight up to me and slapped me, on the face, for no reason, really hard. For a moment I was just stunned at her and stood with my mouth open staring at her and then all hell let loose. Everyone else had walked in just in time to see Sophie slap the bejeezus out of me. Ashton started it by standing up and giving Sophie a glare like the ones that a mother uses to tell her child that if they do that again, I’m going to do something about it. Then Sophie stupidly took a step forward and punched Ashton, with an almighty thud, right in the chest with absolutely no warning what so ever. Quite frankly, I think it hurt Sophie just as much as Ashton when she stepped back holding her fist. Anyway, Ashton fell back onto the bed which obviously harshly (and may I add painfully) pulled me down as well.

Sophie then started shouting “How could you prefer her to me when I’m the pretty one! I’m the rich one!”

Then Ashton managed to find his feet and painfully stand up groaning with agony like an old man with a crippled back.

“Maybe because Hazel doesn’t go round punching people like a fucking psychopath.” Everyone froze and looked at Sophie in anticipation to see what her next move would be. She just looked dazed and then, once again, slapped me round the face. I clutched my face, which presumably had a red hand print on. My hand was cool so it soothed my burning flesh. I raised my fist and just as I was about to punch her, we all heard little brother call Ashton and me to the diary room. I dropped my fist and leant forward to whisper in Lucy’s ear “You were lucky this time.”

I pulled Ashton along with the same strength I used to attack Aiden in the pool, as I half ran to the diary room. I dodged the purple leather sofas and the little mahogany coffee table which was clustered with various fashion and sports magazines. When the diary room door was closed and Ashton and I were sat on the huge comfy diary room seat I just cried and cried. I think Ashton wanted to cry as well but that’s not manly or cool. While I was crying Ashton was sat clenching his arm to his stomach. I think it hurt him more than he wanted anyone to know with the fact that it had been from a girl but I wasn’t going to embarrass him more and could hardly speak so I decided to leave it.

Ashton carried on being strong and when I finally shut up, asked little brother why he wanted to see us. Basically, in short, he said that threatening other house mates was completely unacceptable but I just replied with the fact that Aiden and Sophie were punching, threatening and screaming at us as well. Plus we didn’t physically hurt them, I mean, I was going to but we never actually did. And then there was the whole thing last night with Eric and Aiden and no one got told off then. I know saying told off sounds like we're in primary school but, in the house, little brother is the head teacher and the contestants the students. We were supposed to oblige to the rules and many of them had been broken within the last hour or so.

"Why aren't Aiden and Sophie being moaned at when they were the ones that physically hurt us?" I managed to say and Ashton nodded in agreement.

"Ashton and Hazel, you may now leave the diary room." Little brother's voice said. 

"But you didn't answer my questioned." I stated.

"Ashton and Hazel. Please leave the diary room immediately." With only slight hesitation, we left the diary room. Well, I think that little brother was completely unfair.

After we were released from the diary room, everyone wanted to know what it was all about but I think they all knew really.

I settled down at the dining table with a bowl of tomato soup and a glass of water. Everyone made their own dinner. No one was really speaking much throughout us all eating. It was awkward yes but it was better than the alternative or us all talking about what had just gone on. I thought that we were actually in the clear when I heard Lucy whispering to Mia.

"She's a right bitch. She's fat, ugly and completely stupid. I wish she was dead."

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