Little Brother

They're always watching.


2. Chapter One

Hazel's P.O.V.

I can't believe what I'm doing. Why am I doing this? I mean, I'm doubting going on this show for the first time and I have about 30 seconds before I'm due to go on.

I had to get all dressed up in my little black dress and my crimson wedges (the nicest pair I own). My dress comes down to about mid-thigh and is halter neck; most of my back is exposed as the thin material is draped only over the bottom of it. I am also wearing my mum’s silver, heart-shaped locket and my grandma’s diamond incrusted bow brooch. When I twisted my necklace in-between my fingers, it glistened like a star when it caught the light.

Anyway, I'm sat behind these big black doors before they call me through the doors to introduce me to the whole of Britain and possibly, parts of America. That’s really not helping my nerves right now. The only thing running through my mind right now is don’t fall over. I could just imagine the embarrassment, the absolute horror I would have to go through for the rest of my life if I did fall over or even trip the slightest bit. Right now, I swear I'm biting off a chunk of my brightly coloured lips just thinking about the possibility of that happening. And then the countdown began:

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,

I sat here twizzling my long brunette hair which frames my pale face and flows down my exposed back between my thumb and index finger whilst I wait for the countdown to finish. It had taken me an hour to curl my hair and an extra 30 minutes to pin back my feathered fringe with a small, delicate diamond encrusted butterfly grip. My heart started racing, faster and faster, as the exasperating countdown finished:

4, 3, 2, 1.

It's now time for me to enter the brand new little brother house and I am actually far calmer than I imagined I would be. I was just stood there thinking about the latest edition of gossip girl and the do’s and don’ts of dating: do call your girlfriend/boyfriend just to say you love them, don’t be clingy and call them every 5 minutes.

Anyhow, enough of that, back to the point.

I walked down the pathway to the stairs and stopped where I was told. I fluttered my long black lashes which covered my deep blue eyes and smiled and waved at the cameras. Then it finally hit me, slap bang in the face. I had to walk up all the stairs in these shoes, well they weren’t really that high but it still scared me, a lot. I was nervous about tripping and fantasising about falling on my butt when I finally heard the signal to walk up the stairs. I then realised that they had just asked me like four times before I finally obliged because I was too busy fantasising about falling over.

Well, I made it to the top of the stairs alive and extremely impressed with myself because I think I did very well with the whole stairs issue. By that I mean just not tripping or falling over. I stood there still waving and smiling when I realised my jaw was really starting to ache from the grin I had plastered to my face.

And then the little brother doors opened.

I was terrified yet extremely calm, I was nervous but excited and all I could do was think about having to walk back down another set of stairs on the other side of the doors; I mean why make so many, why not a lift. I bet if my grandpa had heard that he would have gone into one of his “back when I was a boy we didn’t even have electricity, so don’t complain” stories. I swear he’d much rather live in the 1700s than the 21st century. I took a deep breath after the doors behind me closed and made my way down the second set of stairs.

Once again, I didn’t fall over. I'm not particularly religious, but if there is a god, then he must be watching over me right now.

Luckily I wasn’t the first, or last house mate in the house, I was third. I was after this beautiful girl named Sophie Thompson and an extremely handsome boy called Ashton Edwards; he looked like a fallen angel, a dark Adonis, with his chiselled features and perfect blue eyes which sent a silent shiver down my back.

When I first walked in, to get my bearings, my eyes locked on Sophie; she looked like she was ready for the red carpet in her floor length maxi dress with a huge slit up her left leg which showed off way too much flesh, she could pull it off though. The dress itself was ink black but it was covered in delicate little scarlet roses which glimmered every time the light caught them. She had black silk gloves trailing up her arms and was wearing 6 inch black stilettos.

What made it worse was the fact that I was wearing my very highest heels and my most glamorous gown but my shoes were nothing compared to hers and my dress merely a rag compared to her stunning princess gown which actually looked like it was something from a fairy tale. She was annoyingly perfect.

After I got a few weird “stop looking at me freak” looks, my eyes found the other contestant already in the house who I hadn’t even noticed before which totally shocked me after I’d seen him. My little fantasy about how perfect she was drifted away and I sunk back into reality.

Ashton just stood there staring at the two of us casually sipping his drink looking like he did this every day. He had brown hair which was styled neatly into a perfect quiff. His aqua blue eyes shone like sapphires and I know it sounds cliché but it's true, his eyes pull you in. He had an atmosphere around him which made you look and stare and I found it very hard to stop looking into his brilliant blue eyes. I snapped out of his trance and realised that instead of looking at me, he was staring at Sophie and the huge slit up her leg. I took my drink and sat down on the purple leather sofa and watched as she battered her darkly mascaraed eyelashes and swishing her golden hair seeking all of Ashton’s attention.

My heart sunk in disappointment as a realised she’d won. She’d captured him in her perfect little web. I never really had a chance. He hadn't really looked at me yet and I was already planning our future wedding. For all I know, he could be some psychopathic murderer and I already wanted to have kids with him. I'm such a freak.

The next house mate glided down the fake marble staircase with her small, dainty hand on the rail. She was wearing a sky blue dress which hugged her figure beautifully. The dress’s back trailed behind her like she was a bride walking down the aisle however, the front was short and it showed off her long tanned legs (I think its fake tan). Her bleach blonde hair was up in a flawless ballet bun with a little silver tiara, incrusted with real Swarovski crystals and little blue sapphires which glittered in the light. She was shortly followed by another blonde beauty in a short, fitted, purple gown with silver gladiator sandals which crept up her legs.

All three blondes surrounded Ashton, flirting and laughing and there I was, sat on the sofa, alone. The only company was a pillow and I couldn’t exactly talk to a pillow on live TV without looking like a complete fool which I was already beginning to feel. I felt like giving up before the competition had even begun but I knew I couldn’t, if I did then my dad would never let it go. I didn’t want to give him the satisfactory but if no normal people (meaning not rich and insanely beautiful) came in then I think I might just go insane.

I finally built up the courage to ask the two new blondes for their names but all I got was a dirty look, a snigger and then they all start talking about me and how they let any old tramp into this show these days. Then I overheard the blondes saying how they think they are all going to be best friends and started giggling at Ashton once more. A few minutes later, I heard them say that their names were Mia Lloyd and Lucy Tisdale and they were both, just like Sophie, complete rich bitches. I just know that they are going to, at least try to make my time in this house a living hell and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it.

The next house mate was a slightly… large boy with long curly hair and freckles covering his face, hiding behind cracked nerdy glasses. His black tux was covered in grease and what looked like ketchup and it wouldn’t even properly fasten. The buttons looked as if they would fly off any minute and could probably hit someone 10 metres away. His size 13 feet were far too long for his short stubby legs and he looked clumsy enough to be in the circus. The first thing that came out of Sophie’s mouth was a snigger and an “I told you so” from the previous conversation about how they let low lives like me and now him into the house. I started feeling really sorry for him because he came in the house looking jolly and excited but his face just sank after they started calling him fatty and four eyes. Sure they could have called him much worst but I could tell by the look on his face that he was somewhat used to it now.  

After grabbing his cocktail from the counter in the kitchen, he came and sat on the sofa opposite me. I empathised with him but, in some ways, I was quite glad that the attention had shifted off me and onto him. I thought that I should talk to him but that would just bring all the negativity back onto me and I really didn’t want that to happen. But, me being me, the relatively kind-hearted girl I was needed to say something to him. I swear I look like a fucking saint compared to the other housemates. I had been brought up much better than them obviously.

“Hey, what’s your name?” I smiled to him and he looked quite taken aback by me speaking. I don’t think he even noticed me sitting there. He pointed to himself with one of his short stubby fingers.

“What me?” He questioned and I just smiled back. He seemed nice actually. Just proves that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

“Yeah you.” I started then lowered my voice to finish. “I wouldn’t be talking to them now would I?” I smirked whilst jerking my head in Sophie, Lucy and Mia’s direction.

“Oh, well in that case.” He outstretched a hand after walking over to me. “I’m Ross, Ross Sampson.” He smiled and so did I.

In a moment of courage, I decided that the blonde bitches on the opposite side of the room to me were going to make my stay bad enough anyway so I stood up and wrapped my arms around him the best I could. They didn’t go all around him as he was quite big but in after a second’s hesitation, he hugged me back.

“Nice to meet you Ross, I'm…” I was cut off by a snigger across the room.

“Aww. Look at that, true love.” Sophie’s snide comment made me take my arms off Ross and look at her. Lucy and Mia were glaring at me whilst Sophie and Ashton looked rather amused. If looks could kill, then I swear I'd be 6 feet under right now. I didn't really mind any of them laughing at me, I was used to it. Well, I almost didn't mind any of the laughing at me. The way Ashton looked at me with such disgust in his eyes honestly broke my heart but I just tried to put on a brave face.

“What is your problem?” I meant to say it confidently and powerful but I came out much softer than I wanted.

“I'm sorry. What was that?” She looked at me expecting an apology or something but that wasn’t happening. I wasn’t going to back down. I had spent years at school being bullied and spent most of my childhood upset. When I turned 14, it got worst. That’s when I started cutting. I hadn't doing it but it seemed to be the only way to forget the pain they would cause me. I stopped about a month ago with the help of my best friend Annie but still have a few scars on my wrists and top legs. You generally can't see them unless they get wet.

Anyway, I walked up to the group of 4 who all looked rather amused by now. I could feel Ross’s eyes looking at me and I think he wanted to stand up to them to but didn’t have the courage to do so.

“I said, what is your fucking problem!” I shouted the last bit and they all looked pretty shocked. I was shocked at myself but I didn’t back down. “You look at the two of us, making us feel shit about ourselves, and even though I’ve known you for less than half an hour, I can tell you are a total bitch, all of you. You look like sluts and you,” I pointed at Ashton. I didn’t want to say anything mean to him but he had been a bit of a dick, “are a total dick, most probably a player and most definitely a freaking jerk.”

What happened next really surprised me, Ross started clapping, no, it wasn't Ross, there was someone else with him. I turned around to see who the clapping hands belonged to. It was a girl, covered in piecing’s. She had: various ear piercings, eyebrow piercings, nose piercings, lip piercings and even her tongue was pierced. She was what I guess you would call an emo but didn’t care about what the others said which I really admired her for. I had been so caught up in shouting at them that I hadn't notice her come in.

“Bravo, I couldn’t have put it better myself.” She said smugly whilst walking to the side of me. I really did appreciate it because after I had said what I just said, all I my confidence drained from my body but when she stood beside me, I felt it coming back.  The ‘cool gang’ then started sniggering at us,

“Thank you, for your consideration.” She said whilst curtsying and then turned around and pulled me back to Ross with her. She actually turned out to be really sweet, kind and considerate underneath the pale face make-up and heavy black eyeliner. Oh and her knee high black leather boots. She introduced herself to be Ebony Knight. Her name was pretty ironic really. We ignored the other 4 house mates and tried to get to know each other a little better.

Then the house mates come piling in, one by one. There was such a variety of people from rich Barbie dolls to goths and quiet dopey kids to handsome fallen angels (well not really angels but it was a good comparison).

The first house mate to come in posed at the top of the stairs like he was the most important person in the world. He had short blonde hair and a very muscled figure. He showed of his six pack which, of course, made the girls hearts flutter. His skin was fair, almost like Sam’s white goth make-up, and his lips were soft and rosy pink. He headed straight for the cool group and purposely dodged us losers. His name was Aiden Summers and he was a men’s swim wear model.

The rest of the house mates were Eric Hart who was a total genius. Think of your average school nerd then double it and add 10. He looked smart but not geeky if you know what I mean. He had dirty blonde brown hair and hazel eyes. He was pretty handsome but not my type. Ashton was my type. He walked in and as soon as he was teased and hit with a snarky comment, he gave an extremely intellectual comeback which really started to annoy Aiden’s cool clan. I don’t think Mia or Lucy understood it though.  The final housemate to come into the house wore a red and green checked shirt with dark blue flared jeans which were more than a tad too short. Talk about ankle bashers. I don’t think he could find a pair of jeans that properly fit him as he was so tall. He was thin and lanky and seemed to tower over everyone. At first, he seemed a bit intimidating but the moment he started a conversation with you, anyone would realise he was actually a big old softy with his cheesy grin and glimmering green eyes. I asked him what his name was when he first walked in and he cowardly replied Blaine Piper. It was as if I was the first girl ever to talk to him other than his mother, which might have well been true.

So all the house mates were in and we had already split are selves into two. The cool half which consisted of: 3 snobby blonde (all presumably models) and 2 inhumanly handsome boys, one of which was a swimwear model. And then there was the other half which included: me, a fat curly haired kid who was actually really nice, a brainiac, a goth and a shy lanky boy who had never talked to a girl before. What a miss match bunch.

The thing is I wouldn’t have usually talked to my group who I was now happy to call friends. I know it sounds so horrible for me to say this but I would have stayed clear of Ross and Blaine but they are actually so sweet. I'm glad I met these people, I'm also glad I met Ashton though I'm not so sure that he's happy to have met me and when I say met, I mean I was in the same room as him.

That’s when it happened. I was just standing there, minding my own business, thinking about what the following weeks, possibly months would bring when I felt a cold, wet liquid falling down my hair and back. I yelped in shock whilst spinning round to see who had done it. I was met with 5 smirks. My eyes caught onto a pair of deeply mascaraed blue eyes. Sophie! Why the fuck would she do that. What had I done to hear? Why would she throw water all over me, and my new dress? Now my hair’s going to go frizzy.

“What the fuck?” I shouted at her whilst unsuccessfully trying to dry my dress a little bit.

“Oh my god! I'm so sorry. I didn’t mean it.” She said sarcastically whilst smirking at me again. I looked around the five of them and felt immediately embarrassed when my eyes caught a pair of mesmerizing aqua eyes. I wanted to look away but I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He was too perfect and I couldn’t stand it. Eventually, I looked away; no doubt he was stood there, silently laughing to himself at how easy it was for him to get any girl to like him even if they wanted to hate him.

"I don't want to be involved in your shit. Just leave me alone and I won't bother you either okay?" It was sort of a question but I was going to try and ignore her anyway. I was just about to say something else when I heard the voice of Little Brother for the first time and decided to try and forget about this and just hope that my hair wouldn't go too frizzy.

"The storeroom is now open for housemates to collect refreshments." I wonder if there's any beer. I love beer. I know beer is typically more for men but I love the stuff. Luckily, where I live, you're allowed to drink at the age of 16 so alcohol was available in the house. 

I was not surprised when Sophie ran out of the storeroom with a couple of bottles of champagne in her hands. Lucy and Mia came out behind her with bottles of wine and I sighed. I guess no beer for me.

Then Ashton walked out of the storeroom with some cans of beer. Yes! 

"Ashton sweetie, what are you doing with that?" Sophie's sickly sweet voice made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. He opened one of the cans and took a gulp.

"What do you mean?" He sounded as confused as I was. He was drinking beer, what does it look like?

"I mean you should be drinking the champagne and wine with us and leave to beer to them." She pointed a disgusted perfectly manicured finger at me and my friends. I don't care about her making fun of me but I don't like it when she picks on people who have absolutely no self-confidence and won't fight back. I needed to say something.

"What are you implying?" I asked whilst cocking up one of my eyebrows.

"I'm just saying that someone of Ashton's class shouldn't be drinking something which is made for tramps and wannabes like you and your ever so disturbing friends." She said motioning her head towards where Ross was picking his nose when she said the last bit. He really isn't making this easy for himself. 

"And what are you, his master? He can drink what he wants and since when is beer for, as you would probably put it, the 'lower class?'" I air quoted the lower class part. Who did she actually think she was?

"Why don't you just drop this because you obviously don't have a valid argument?" Aiden butted in with a snide smirk on his face. His tone was bitterly sweet but laced with sarcasm.

"Maybe because you don't have a valid reason either and you shouldn't just target people who aren't confident enough to stick up for themselves." Ebony stood up from her position on the couch. I could tell and I think everyone else could tell that she was talking about Ross when she said 'people who aren't confident enough to stick up for themselves'. That is, everyone but Ross himself.

"Yeah, what is your reason anyway?" I smirked because I knew that she had no better reason than me.

"Does it really matter?" She started then walked up to me. "But you. If you don't want me to pick on your little mentally retarted friends over there then I guess I'll have to put all my anger out on you." She whispered the second bit in my ear then pulled back.

So, I try and do the nice thing, the right thing and this happens. She's now going to make my experience a living hell. She'll probably realise I like Ashton and then purposely flirt and make out with him in front of me. Why god, why?

"Chow babe." Sophie then blew me an air kiss before walking towards Ashton. She took the beer out of his hand and replaced it with a glass of champagne. She then walked back over to me and gave me the half drank beer can.

"Hope you enjoy your beer." She gave me a sarcastic smile then dragged Ashton back over to her group. 

I don't know why I did this, well I know why but, you know...

Anyway, I started laughing my actual ass off. I almost fell over. At first, Ebony looked at me weird but then I motioned my head in the direction of Ashton being dragged along by Sophie and she soon burst into laughter like me. 

Sophie had taken his drink and now was literally dragging him by his wrist as if she was his mother. It looked hilarious but I don't think it was the right time to be laughing as Sophie looked pretty pissed. I then realised that the bedroom doors had opened and me and Ebony made our way into the room still almost crying with laughter. 

When we made our way into the room, me and Ebony chose our beds. They were right on the end of the rows of beds so we could be out of the way. We then just sat down and talked about ourselves for what seemed like hours.

This was sort of a boring chapter. I wanted to make the divide in the house quite clear from the begining so there wasn't any confusion later on in the book. As I said in the prologue, I don't really know where this book is going but I'm just gonna go with the flow and see where it ends up. 

So, do you like Hazel? Whose your favourite character? Let me know in the comments and if you have any ideas on where yuo want this book to go, then either comment or message me. I'll try and use your suggestions.

So, please vote, comment and share and I think that's all so bye.

Sarah xx

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