Little Brother

They're always watching.


5. Chapter Four

Hazel's P.O.V.

"She's a right bitch. She's fat, ugly and completely stupid. I wish she was dead."

"For God's sake" Ebony exclaimed. "Can't we just drop it, like really, stop acting like fucking 3 year olds and stop making yourselves look like evil bitches?"

Well, they are evil, and they are bitches so they don't really need to try to look like them but still. I wanted to say something but me being me just couldn't. I sat there silently, sipping my creamy tomato soup. I really don't like the stuff but it reminded me of my mum. She always used to love it so, I know it sounds weird, but whenever I miss her, I'll have tomato soup.

"Can't missy over there talk for herself?" Sophie, I really hate you. 

"I, um, I can speak for m...myself." I stuttered. I tried to sound strong but sounded more like a little kid being told off by their principal. 

"Sure sounds like it." Aiden said.

"Can't we just be civil for like a minute?" Ashton stood up know and harshly pulled my wrist when he through his hands in the air to emphasise his point. Not so luckily, it was the hand with the spoon in and I ended up throwing it all over myself. Now, not only was I being told that I was fat, ugly and stupid, but I also have a very hot red liquid all in my hair and all down my top. Great (note the sarcasm).

"Sorry." Yeah you better be sorry Ashton. You just made me embarrass myself again.

"Hey, that soup really is an improvement." Aiden chuckled whilst standing up from his seat as well. "It brings out the colour of your eyes." He smirked and then walked round the table, dragging Ebony along with him. "And this..."

What's he doing? What's he playing at?

"And this, tops it all off." He dumped a pot of parmesan cheese on my head.

"What the fuck?" I squealed at a jumped back almost falling over.

"Very artistic Aiden." Ebony said, wait, what's she doing? "I guess I should show how creative I can be."

What happened next is kind of a blur. Basically, in short, Ebony through her coke in Aiden's face and then he tried to throw some spaghetti at her but she ducked so it hit Eric in the face. Then it was like one of those cheesy films from the 80s when a huge food fight starts though it was slightly more violent as we were all a bit tied up.

When the war finally concluded, me and Ashton, having had enough, decided to go to the bedroom and call it a night. I probably wouldn’t have gone to bed so early if it wasn’t for the events that had gone on today, plus Ashton wanted to get away from everyone else. When we went to the bedroom we all had to do a few bed swaps with the fact that we were all tied together so Ashton is now sleeping next to me. I don't know whether to happy about that or not. My life is messed up.

Anyway I'm sat on my bed writing in my diary basically everything that's happened, everything that I want to happen and my completely honest opinions about everyone in this house and Ashton won’t stop trying to peek over the top. I would die if he read this. But don’t worry he can’t see. Anyway, I can't wait till tomorrow … nominations! Well I already know who I'm choosing but I hope they aren’t face to face. That’s just awkward. Also I'm hoping we'll be untied soon so I’ll be free, although, I've kinda liked having to stay with Ashton all day, sure it's been awkward but I'd do anything to be near him. Now I sound like some crazed fan girl. I would, as I said before, die if he read this but when I'm around him it’s like a flame is lit deep inside me and the whole world seems to stop when I look into his perfect blue eyes; I just wish it was more of a mutual feeling. At least I think he’s actually beginning to see what sluts Mia, Lucy ad Sophie are (Sophie being queen slut) and I think him realising that is a good thing. 


Of course, we all awoke to the horrendous snoring from Ross … again. I don't actually remember going to sleep last night. I remember dinner and I remember Ashton and me coming into the bedroom and then me writing in my diary but that's all I can remember. I wonder if he read my diary. He can't have. I wouldn't let him. I told him he couldn't and I think, well, I hope that he respects my privacy.

Diaries. They hold our thoughts, our feelings, our actions. But most importantly, they hold our secrets. If Ashton did read it then I would die. Sure he already knows that I think he's fit but that's all he knows. To be quite frank, I think most girls think he's fit, he might even turn men gay or a lesbian straight, who knows. The thing he doesn't know though is how I truly feel. I've never experienced love but the feeling I get when I'm around him is how I imagine it to be. Full of unexplainable feelings. Full of passion. Full of, well, love.

Anyhow, Ross had stopped snoring and it was much after that, that the booming voice of little brother called everyone to the living room. We all sleepily plodded into the room and plonked ourselves down onto the cool leather sofas. We once again, as much as we could be being tied to each other, divided into two. Then came the words that completely changed everyone’s attitude to each other and just general atmosphere in the house.

“Today, house mates will nominate face to face for the first time.” The words will ring through everyone’s heads for the next hour and a half before we are all called back to the sofas to nominate. All I was thinking was why make us nominate face to face, I mean, nominations are hard enough without having to nominate someone whose sat there, right in front of you, watching; oh, and I was thinking about how good Ashton looked even before he’d had his shower (which was completely fascinating by the way). What was I thinking, that should really be one of the last, if not THE last, thing on my mind, I mean I already had 2 arch nemesis and 2 blonde bimbos who would follow Sophie whatever happened, I hate to think what would happen if Sophie was evicted. Anyway, they all hated me because of my charming looks and sparkling wit. Wait, who am I kidding, I looked like a dishcloth compared to their perfect, well, everything. Their perfect skin and ever so soft perfect hair. Okay, I really need to stop putting myself down, at least I'm not a snobby hag who cares about no one but herself.

Everyone avoided the whole argument/fight scene from yesterday. There was such a weird atmosphere in the house. A weird vibe. Everyone hatred towards each other was replaced with warm smiles and happy faces. It was all sunshine and rainbows, buttercups and daisies and it was beginning to freak me out.  I started to really worry after being complemented by Sophie and Aiden; this was so not normal. I'd usually get a snide comment or dirty look here and there but no, this morning apparently, my hair was pretty and my clothes were awesome, *cough cough* liars *cough cough*. They were also apologizing for hurting me (physically as well as mentally) yesterday. I didn’t buy a word of it.

So after about 30 minutes of everyone’s complements and strange acts of kindness, we all split up into different rooms doing different things. Ashton and me needed to shower … Great! Well, we grabbed everything we needed and hurried off to the bathroom before anyone else could claim it as their own.

We stood awkwardly for a few seconds, though it was the shortest of time it felt like hours, days, years. I finally said something.

"We should just go in our swim suits." I said, unsure of what his reaction would be. He nodded his head and agreed with a bit too much enthusiasm which really quite hurt me and I think he realised but who would blame him. A girl like me never gets a guy like him, unless it’s a movie like one of my favourites, ‘Chalet Girl’. I just love that film, definitely worth seeing. Anyway, back to the point which I seem to be saying a lot lately, we did the little “can you look away” thing again to get dressed and re-entered the bathroom.

I clumsily got into the shower and was shortly followed by Ashton. We had to squish into the shower together (I'm not complaining) and sort of awkwardly turn and swap places to clean our bodies and wash our hair. Then we ended up with my arm behind my back and his arm stuck over my shoulder, you really don’t realise how small a shower is until theirs two people in it especially, if the two people are tied together.

Anyhow, we were just about done when clumsy old me slipped on the soap and fell into the tiled shower wall. I then bounced back, he fell over and I ended up crouching down, in by bikini, over the top of him. For a second we just stood, well crouched, there like in one of the movies just before the guy tells the girl he loves her and kisses her. Well, that didn’t happen. Instead, I slipped again and bashed my head against the shower tap and landed on the other side of the shower with a mild concussion feeling very sick. I must of gone pale as a ghost because when I looked back at Ashton with a ‘sorry for my clumsiness’ look, if that's even a thing, he looked extremely worried. I had cut my right temple and blood was dripping down my face into the soapy suds in the bottom of the shower. He stood up, pulling me up carefully with him, washed the remaining soap out of his hair (I tried to do the same but I could barely hold my hand higher than my waist). He gently wiped away the blood with his soft and perfect hands and helped me out of the shower. I didn't know he could be so gentle. He grabbed his towel and wrapped it around me after we both realised I’d forgotten mine (idiot). We stood there for a minute before I fainted. Seriously, I fainted. I've never even fainted before in my life and then I have to go and do it there.

I obviously don’t remember what happened next but what I do remember is waking up on my bed with a cold ice pack on my head which someone must have fetched from the kitchen. The first person I saw was Ashton sat on the bed beside me just staring at me like I was some sort of science experiment. Ashton must have carried me out from the bathroom to the bed which I know couldn’t have been easy cause I'm not the lightest person in the world. I may look thin and light but I'm not. I know it sounds strange, but the first thing I did was look what I was wearing. Like I’d expected, I was still wearing my swim suit but I had a warm soft blanket around my body which was when I realised I was sweating (totally unattractive). I tried to pull the blanket off but I could hardly move my arms. I must have lost way more blood than I thought I had. Ashton saw me struggle and helped me sit up.

"What do you want?" His deep voice was husky which made him even sexier. What am I even doing with my life? I tried to say “get this stupid thing off me” but all that came out was “off”. At first I think he thought I meant I wanted him to get off but I looked at the blanket and then he realised that I meant I was hot. He gently untucked the blanket and revealed way to much flesh to what I was comfortable with but I couldn’t exactly do anything about it.

After about 5 minutes of me being awake, I finally got my body back and was able to speak.

"What happened?" I croaked. It didn't sound like me. I could barely recognise it as my own voice.

"You fainted so I brought you back in here to rest and sorted out your head. I'm a medicine major you see. I study medicine and science." He smiled. So, not only was he hot as hell, but he was smart to. God, he really is perfect.

After he told me he sorted out my head, I of course reached up to touch where I’d hit my head and said ouch, which made him laugh. His laugh was like melted gold and it danced through my ears making my heart race and left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. I smiled then he smiled and we just sat there smiling like little children. It was peaceful and calm until Aiden barged in, dragging Ebony who looked relieved when she saw I was up and looking less like a ghost

He ruined are little well ‘moment’ we had going on and started toward me as if he would hit me. I cringed and Ashton stood up protectively, once again I went all warm inside. But Aiden just pushed past Ashton and sat down next to me. He was gorgeous and if it hadn’t been for what I’d realised was the real him (screaming, punching and just being a Dickhead) I might have fell for him. His eyes were sparkling and his mocking sarcastic smile had turned into a kind welcoming one. He put his arm around my shoulders and squeezed me tight in a ‘are you feeling better’ gesture. His touch made my heart beat frantically and I could feel his warmth around me like a heavy fog. I just sat silently, looking completely gone out, he stood up and marched straight back out the door. Weird!

My gaze followed him out the room and the sudden bang of the door snapped me out of the trance. Ashton was watching me, smirking slightly which was when I realised the blanket had fallen off me again. And again, way too much flesh; my parents would not be happy to see me tied to a boy, in my bikini, in a bedroom, on a bed, alone. Okay, I couldn’t think about that right now. So, my head ached so much that I was struggling to keep it up. I felt my eye lids become heavy and I probably would have fallen asleep right then if it wasn’t for the sudden hand caressing my shoulder and Ashton carefully perched on the bed. I suddenly felt really cold and I started shivering. I only realised that my teeth were chattering away as well when Ashton started searching through my drawers. Oh no. What was he going to find? I didn’t think I’d brought anything to embarrassing but I wasn’t 100% sure. I tried to peer over the side of the bed when Ashton started to chuckle; he lifted his head and at the same he brought up one of my lacey black bras (well at least it was one of my best bras but still). I leant forward and attempted to snatch it off him but he pulled away and started laughing again. He kept looking at it then at me. The faces he pulled finally made me burst out laughing and then the boom of the voice of little brother made us shut up.

“Can all house mates gather at the sofas.” Then we looked at each other again and burst into hysterics. He finally put down my bra, very reluctantly I may add, and through me his big black hoody. I slipped it over my head and his sweet smell surrounded me, it was warm and cosy and long enough to cover most of my skin which I didn’t want to be flashing to everyone. I stood for a moment just inhaling the wonderful scent before we made our way into the main room slowly and cautiously.

We had been previously told that if house mates didn’t do as little brother told them to do, then either them as individuals or the house as a whole would be punished. Obviously Sophie had to make a big point about me and Ashton being slightly late, we all sat down on the leather sofas. Finally, little brother called Ebony and Aiden to the diary room to collect 10 envelopes leaving everyone else time to talk. The conversation soon swayed onto how me and Ashton had got in a little fight with Aiden and Sophie. That was entertaining. Sophie kept getting all defensive when we said she had hit us and started saying mean things to us first. I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for Ashton. You know, the fact that all his ‘friends’ keep ganging up on him and I don’t think he was quite desperate enough to join our little group of losers. But I think he's heading our way. In the meantime though, he’s the outsider and I couldn’t help but feel slightly responsible for the whole thing. I mean, I was the one who they had been teasing and he just got in the middle of it I suppose.

Before I had any more time to think about how I had possibly ruined his little brother experience, Ebony and Aiden came back with 10 huge red envelopes filled with 9 of the other house mates faces. We were told that we had to choose two people who we wanted to nominate for the first eviction which I was totally not looking forward to.

It wasn’t really a very hard choice as to who I wanted up for an eviction but I tried to take my time and select the right to cards slowly and carefully to make it look like it was a tough decision. As the 10 second count down commenced, everyone had their 2 cards ready to show to the rest of the house, that is, everyone except for Aiden and Sophie who both had about 6 cards. They tried to make seem as if they couldn’t decide and that they were feeling bad about it but eventually, after little brother had threatened to take away their hair products if they didn’t choose soon, they ended up with 2 cards, just like the rest of us. Would have been so hard to guess who they were, obviously not me and Ashton (that was sarcasm by the way). 

It would be me first wouldn’t it? I mean, as if having to nominate face to face wasn’t enough, they had to go and make me go first. I didn’t know what to say. My mind wiped and my mouth felt numb and dry. I couldn’t even remember who I’d chosen. But with an encouraging look from Ebony, I managed to stand up, do a little cough and stood there fidgeting. The cards were pressed firmly against my chest and I took a deep breath. As I showed the first card, I heard a very irritated little squeak come from somewhere to my left but I carried on anyway. I had to give a reason why I had nominated Sophie; was it the fact that so far all you’ve done is be a snotty cow and try to intimidate me the whole time, or is it the fact that yesterday you slapped me, twice, for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Well, I wasn’t going to say that so I just said that it was because we had the least in common which I suppose was 100% true. Anyway, I held up the second card, Aiden. Now, how was I going to put the fact that he upset me and Ashton yesterday and I wanted him out the house, or better off … dead! There wasn’t a nice way to put that so I just told everyone that we hadn’t really spoken much yet which was probably the easiest way out of it.

So then came Aiden and Sophie, both of which, to everyone’s surprise, nominated me and Ashton. They however, were slightly less considerate than me in their reasoning.

"I nominated Hazel because she a repulsive freak who not only had the nerve to call me a 'blonde bimbo', but she had the fucking audacity to say that she stood a better chance with Ashton who I nominated because he's becoming one of them. I can't believe we were even friends" She motioned to the 'freaks' and then did a small little chuckle at the end. I wouldn't have called them friends anyway, more like snotty pretty kids. I felt Ashton tense up seeing as how I was sat beside him and was about to say something before I shook my head at him. He seemed to get the message and left it.

"I nominate Hazel and Ashton because Hazel is a little bitch who needs to get her head out the clouds and get back to reality and realise that she has no chance of getting with Ashton. I mean, I heard the way he talked about her when we first came in, thought she was a freak and all. I nominated Ashton because he's becoming a freak just like the others. You could still come back to us though mate, be one of the cool kids again." Aiden smirked. Well that had given me another reason to nominate the pair of them. They both just get under my skin. It’s just something about them that annoys me and makes me want to scratch their eyes out. Okay, maybe I don’t really want to scratch anyone's eyes out but they still annoy me; it's just a figure of speech. I tried to ignore what he'd said about Ashton talking about me but it kept eating me away throughout the rest of the nominations. Sure I knew that I wasn't his favourite person but I thought he was different, that he didn't judge a book by its cover. I guess I thought wrong.


"And finally, Ashton, could you please share your nominations." Little Brother asked.

He gave his nominations for Aiden and Lucy. Hey, surprise surprise. He said that it was for pretty much the fact that they were dickheads though he didn't say it quite like that. Anyway I had 3 nominations, Aiden had 4, Ashton had 4, Ross had 4, Mia had 1 and Sophie also had 4. So, I wasn’t up for eviction … YAY! Aiden, Sophie, Ross and Ashton were. Why was Ashton up, I mean he's hot, sweet and  I really think he might end up a genuinely nice guy if he tries to be the Ashton I've occasionally seen and not put on this whole cool swagger dude act. If only my friends could see that.

Of course Sophie would be the first to complain and throw a hissy fit. She started shouting at me, Ashton, Ebony and Ross for nominating her. God my head hurt. I felt like I would faint again so I kinda zoned out Sophie’s rant and just thought about the experience I'd had in the first few days of being in the little brother house. So, here is a list of things which really aren't the best:

1)      I have fallen for a boy way out of my league that would never go out with me.

2)      I've been slapped, kicked and humiliated on live TV.

3)      I am tied to the guy I've fallen for and we had to shower … together.

4)      I have been knocked out by a shower which is obviously totally normal, I mean, it happens all the time (note the sarcasm).

5)      I have made 2 arch nemeses and 2 other Barbie’s who hate me.

6)      And finally, worst of all, friends are probably watching while all of this is happening. ALL of it.

After Sophie finally finished, she yanked my hair because she realised that I hadn’t been listening to a word of what she was saying (hair pulling is yet another thing which is going on my list of things I hate about her). I couldn’t care less that she had been nominated and would quite like her to be the first house mate evicted. I couldn’t care less that Aiden was nominated either but I was extremely anxious about Ashton being up for eviction however. I obviously felt sorry for Ross but he was a nightmare to sleep with and after him eating pretty much all of the sweet snacks in the house I could see why he was nominated. But I really don’t get why Ashton was nominated over me. Ashton is sweet, kind, cool, amazing and mega hot. He's also charming and really a very good cook; plus, he looks adorable when he's sleeping, not that I lay down watching him sleep or anything. So that’s why Ashton shouldn’t be nominated and I can't think why he should be nominated unless anyone else is jealous of him. Anyway, I'm ugly, pretty fat, a bit of a klutz, annoying and totally unpopular. And that’s why I should be up for eviction and not Ashton. Once again, I really shouldn't put myself down so much but it's hard not to pick out faults with yourself when you're someone like me.


The arguments kept going on and on and on until 8 o’clock when me and Ashton decided to go and get some food. He made me one of the most amazing sandwiches I had ever tasted because I was feeling dizzy again. It was delicious and he sat, watching me eat it, as if waiting for my approval.

"So?" He looked at me, anxious for an answer.

"It's... it's okay I guess." I pulled a face and he looked offended.

"You don't have to eat it." He tried to take it away from me but my cheetah like reactions moved it before he could. Who am I kidding? I don't have cheetah like reactions, when I pulled it away, I almost fell off my chair but oh well.

"I'm joking. It's the best sandwich I've ever tasted." We both laughed and Eric looked over at me questioningly. I just winked at him and then he smiled. I then turned my full attention back on Ashton.

After dinner, half the house went to the bedrooms to get some sleep and half of us went to sit on the sofas outside. We talked about nothing in particular and I just sat enjoying the cool night air and looking up into the charcoal black sky. It was a clear night, not a cloud in sight. All you could see were the glistening stars. I tried to make out some of the constellations. I found the Ursa Major (the great bear) and Ursa Minor (the little bear). I know, I know, I'm a nerd but I enjoy science and astronomy, I find it amazing how much is out there. I definitely don't believe that we're the only one in the universe; how can we be, when the universe is so big, why would we be the only ones? After I found a few constellations, I gave up and just looked into the universe.

The truth is I actually really like him. Sure I've only known him for like a few days but that doesn't matter. There’s just something about him that makes my heart skip a beat, that makes the rest of my life feels pointless, that makes me want to scream because I know, deep down inside, that he doesn’t feel the same. He's just so perfect. The problem is… I'm not. I wish I was more like Sophie, I mean, minus the snobby, stuck up, rich kid attitude. I'm so confused about it all. Does he actually like me or not? Would he have even spoken to me if we weren’t chained together? And most, could he ever love me the way I absolutely adore him because, the one thing I was sure about was that I was absolutely and unconditionally, in love with him. And I couldn't do anything about it.

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