Best friends into lovers

See what happens ��


3. the morning after

It was already 6:30 and mom wasn't home yet the kids fell asleep. Me and Luke were cuddling on the couch when my mom walks in she ask me " where is the kids"? I said " in there rooms asleep. Mom my I go to Luke's house tonight"? My mom says " yes go have fun and remember to use protection sweetheart ". I say thanks mom and left me and Luke walk over to his house and when we walk in calum Michael and Ashton where on the couch and looked like they were sleeping so me and Luke walked upstairs and started to have sex.

Calums p.o.v

We were pretending to sleep cause we heard people. We woke up and we heard sex nosies outside Luke's room so we just laughed. About 2 hours later we see megan come downstairs and when we saw her she was scared cause she only had Luke's shirt on we just laughed and watch the movie. She walked back upstairs then when Luke came down he was mad and said " don't you dare touch her or I will break your heads open got it"?!?! The boys nodded and I said " she your best friend and you make her tell Ashton she couldn't make it then go behind his back and have sex with her. Your sick and with your best friend. " he said I will she you assholes in the morning and went upstairs then megan came down with all her clothes on and said you shouldn't of done that calum I hate all of you except for Luke I love him.

Megan's p.o.v

I ran out of Luke's house with tears in my eyes I went in my house ran upstairs got into my pjs and went to sleep.

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