Best friends into lovers

See what happens ��


1. text me

So today was my first date. I asked my best friend Luke Hemmings to come over In a text.

Convo. (L=Luke. M=Megan).

M what's up penguin

L nothing much texting you

M ok um do you think you can com over like now

L yes I will be over in 3 k 😘

M thanks Luke luv u too bestie 😘

End of convo

Since Luke lived next door he could come over anytime so he came up to my room. He came in and sat in my beanbag chair. I said " Luke what should I ware". He said the light blue sweater with the jeans and black flat boots". I said thanks and went into the bathroom and changed. I opened the door and then straighten my hair. I felt two strong arms wrap around me and it was Luke. He said something but it was muffled so I couldn't hear cause he had his head nestled in my neck. I turn around and said " what did you say"? His arms were still around me and he looked tired then said " I said you should cancel your date for anther time cause I need cheering up. I said will it make you feel better if I cancel the date knowing that Ashton will be heart broken. Luke said yes and gave me my phone and he went in my room and lay down on my bed I called Ashton and cancelled the date and said sorry and hung up. I lay on top of Luke and asked him what's wrong he just starred at me and looked me in eye and said " do you ever feel like you want someone but you can't have them without something happening to their relationship "?

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