Best friends into lovers

See what happens ��


4. school

Ain't woke up an I looked like crap so I was going to take a shower when I heard a loud bang so I grabbed my baseball bat and walked down stairs to see calum and Ashton.ashton was holding Luke up and calum was about to punch Luke when I ran down there and hit calum with the bat and said " you leave this house right know with calum before I hit you too". And with that they ran out. I took Luke in my arms and said " I here I won't leave it's ok I'm here". He said" megan I love you I will never leave you". Luke I love you too I won't leave ethier". We go and get ready for school and went. When we get there we go to first period then 2 3 4 5 then at lunch we sat down with Michael Ashton and Calum. I said " Calum I am sorry for hitting you earlier with the bat". He said " it's fine it looks better". He lift up his shirt and there is a little bruise.

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