1. Fair

Logan watched her walk into the room, unsure of how to react. Her pain vibrated around the room, each animal sense catching onto the sharp daggers of pain that knifed her in the gut with every step she took. Losing a sister, that was difficult enough. But having to put on a brave face and stand beside her father in front of everyone - that was a task that Logan sympathised. He detested the system, he detested the way that the girl's family thought they ruled the entire tribe, but Fair was someone he didn't hate. She was younger than him by two or three years, probably still finishing her compulsory studies and clearly wasn't ready to receive the throne in place of her dead sister.

  Fair sat down in her chair beside her father, her sister's place glaringly absent. Logan felt the urge to storm out of the room, the whole situation was too painful. And yet, he didn't even know the girl. He knew her as the sister who had nothing to do with the political decisions her sister and her father used to take care of. Her knew Fair as the young woman who refused to learn to phase, even though her body reached the physical capability three years ago. Mathilda, Fair's late sister, had phased the day of her fourteenth birthday, immediately into the royal eagle that symbolised her blood relation to her father. Logan had considered that maybe Fair was afraid of phasing into something other than an eagle, something ordinary and suggesting that she wasn't ready to take on the throne.


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