A Story of Two Dating Collage Students

Two Collage Students are enemies then the teachers put them in the same room and now they're room mates! They both started to become friends and they started to like each other...

What will happen next...

Girl - Bea
Boy - Keith


2. Chapter 2

*The students saw their new class adviser will she's writing something on the board*

"Hi! I'm ms. Marie and I'm your class adviser, I will be with you in Home room and Science" "ok, let's start by knowing each other first then we'll go and pair you up in your rooms. Please tell me and the class your name and the next one will do the same" said ms.Marie.

*After each student told their name, they went with ms.Marie so they can go to their rooms*

"Ok class, I'll pair you up by height, since there are 16 girls and 12 boys, I'll put the last four girls in pairs" "Ok, let's put you by height and let's get started" said ms.Marie

*the students put them in by height and then Bea and Keith were actually in pair!*

"What the-" "Why are you my pair!?! I thought its a hot chic!" said Keith "I don't know! It must be our height! An plus, I'm not sleeping with you!" "You're my enemy! I'll just tell ms. to changed pairs" said Bea

*Bea found ms. Marie and told her that she doesn't what to sleep with Keith but then ms.Marie declined, so Bea and Keith will be sleeping together instead*

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