A Story of Two Dating Collage Students

Two Collage Students are enemies then the teachers put them in the same room and now they're room mates! They both started to become friends and they started to like each other...

What will happen next...

Girl - Bea
Boy - Keith


1. Chapter 1

Bea and Keith went to the same collage. "Why are you here?" Said Keith. "What do you mean? This is my school!" said Bea "No, this is my school!" Said Keith "I even have a room with a hot chic here and i don't want you to ruin things for me here!" "I don't care what you say 'cause i do whatever I want!" "And your never going to make me!"

*The teachers came and they're calling they're students go to they're classroom*

*The two went to they're classroom until they found out that they're is the same classroom*

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