I'm A Mess

Hi! Well I have this habit of cutting and crying myself to sleep. I'm all alone besides my two ONLY friends, my abusive father and my mother who practically hates me.. My life is amazing right? Yeah, I think not.. I think it is a complete mess. But something is going to change... I can just feel it.


4. SO SORRY ;( = Authors Note:

A/N: Hey guess!! I'm so so so so so so so sooooooo sorry that I haven't posted in for ever... I'm just having some ruff times and home and school. I hope that everything is good so far...

And tell me should I can the title to something different (If so comment wat) Also tell me how it is coming a long...

Lastly: I'm not doing so well with myself so I would total appreciate it if you could leave me nice comment to make me smile for once.. 

Finally: I love you guess and Thank You so much for sticking with my story.. You are all beautiful and unique in your own way... LOVE YOU!!! ~Chlover XX


P.S.- I might be starting a new book... Please comment if you think I should or nah...



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