I'm A Mess

Hi! Well I have this habit of cutting and crying myself to sleep. I'm all alone besides my two ONLY friends, my abusive father and my mother who practically hates me.. My life is amazing right? Yeah, I think not.. I think it is a complete mess. But something is going to change... I can just feel it.


3. Chapter 2

Charlies POV

I slam the door behind me. I can't believe she would rather have him then me. What type of mother does that to their own child?

Oh yeah, mine. I walk to my friend, Taylahs' house, so we can walk to school togethr, 'cause hun.. I am not walking alone. Taylah is super pretty, she has hazel eyes and blondey brown hair. She has a quote she goies by, "Loud and Proud"

While walking I see a house that has been for sale, sold. There was a moving truck in the driveway. "I wonder who is moving in..." I say in my head.

A nice looking lady came out of the house, probably for more boxes, she waved to me and I waved back. 

When I got to Taylahs house, which was right next door to the house that just got bought. I ring the door bell. Allison, my other friend answered the door.

"Hey." I say to Allison. She is so pretty... With blue eyes, blonde hair with dyed blue tips, and she is sorta tall. Like she is taller than me tall, and I'm 5'8''. 

"Where's Taylah?" I ask. "Upstairs fixing her hair." Allison said, annoyed. "Okay." I say back. I walk up the steps to her bathroom. I could hear music on, so I thought this would be the perfect time to get Taylah back.



I was in Taylah's kitchen listening to Greenday making pancakes. I was dancing then out of know where Taylah comes up behind me and scares the living shit out of me...


~ End of flashback~


"Hey girlie!" I say, excitedly. "CHARLIE!!! You are not supposed to scare someone when they 1. Can't hear with music on and 2. Has music on." She replied mad yet shocked. "You scared me have to death!" She yelled.

"Oops...Sorry...Didn't mean to scare you." I say holding in my laugh. "Pay backs a bitch huh." I said letting my laughter out." "Haha real funny." She said sarcastically. "Bitch." She mumbled. I gave her the death look.

"So who's moving in?" I ask. "I'm not sure... Why?" She said smirking. "I don't know.. maybe I just miss having somebody at that house.

We were talking about a friend who we were really close to. He was Taylahs best friend and soon became my boyfriend. His name was Jacob. Jacob had a really light caramel brown hair, curly, and sparkling green eyes.

Taylah would always make fun of us. He used to live  in the house that was for sale, next to Taylahs, but moved to the US four years ago. The weird part I don't get is we never officially broke up, so technically we are still dating.

I just miss him so much. His personality, looks, everything. He left on my heart. Just like a  scare. A scare that hurts.

We haven't seen each other in years, and me and Taylah try to contacted him but he never answers. Me and Taylah were pretty upset and lonely for a year.

That's till Allison moved in and we all started to just become really good friends. But it's not the same connection that me, Taylah, and Jacob had.

"Are you guys ready!?" Allison yell asked. "Yeah!" me and Taylah said in unison.

Taylahs POV

I just got done getting dressed in a sweatshirt that says "LOVE", with a red infinity scarf, black and white printed leggings, with grey boots, and my gold ring and red earrings. (Like so>)

I heard a knock at the door and knew it was Allison, she is ALWAYS the early one out of me and Charlie. I ran down the stairs to answer the door. "Hey girl!" Allison yelled. "SHUT UP! I'm still processing the thought of waking up this early to go to school..." I whined.

"Fine! I will but only if I can eat your food!" She said excitedly. "Okay, eat my food.. I don't care if I die of starvation.." I said running back upstairs. Allison just walked to the kitchen rolling her eyes at me. "I hope so!" She yelled back. "Ouch!" I screamed back dramatically.

"When Charlie gets here, tell her I'm in the bathroom!" I yelled down to Allison. "Okay!" She yelled back.  I was in the process of fixing my bed head and not so pretty face in the bathroom.

I thought that I need some music on, so put on the radio and Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran was playing. I decided to go for a red theme, since my outfit in has red in it. I first put on my foundation, then a deep red eye shadow, mascara, and red lipstick. (

I heard a knock at the door while I was brushing my hair. "I got it!" I heard Allison say, rushing the door (I assume). I couldn't hear them so I decided to pep out and finish curling my long brownish blonde hair. Until Charlie walks up behind me and scares the living shit out of me... I got frustrated.

"CHARLIE!!! You are not supposed to scare someone when they 1. Can't hear with music on and 2. Has music on." I yelled, "You scared me half to death!" I said. She replied with "Sorry, and Paybacks a bitch." Like da fuq.

Then out of the blue Charlie asked, "So do you know who's moving in next door?" She seemed sad; but I knew better not to ask. "I'm not sure... Why?" I asked 'cause I want to know what made he think bout the house.

"I guess I just miss having someone there." She answer sadly. We then started to talk bout how we miss Jacob. Till Allison yells up, "Are you guys ready!?" "Yeah!" We said in like a perfect harmony sound.

I grabbed my bag that goes with my outfit, Charlie grabbed her black bag that goes with hers, and Allison grabbed her pink, purple, and white bag. Man you don't know how much we want to know why Allison likes the color pink.

Allison's POV

I found myself wake up at the same time I did yesterday... 5:30am. "Why am I waking up so early if school doesn't start till like 8:30am?" I asked myself. I just shrugged it off. I take a warm shower and get dressed in to a pink Minnie Mouse tank top with a black strapless bra, black skinny jeans, and black knee high boots. (Like so>)


"I don't know why Taylah and Charlie don't like the color pink... It is such a strong, powerful, and beautiful color."I think to myself. I puffed out a sigh, then grabbed my pink, purple, and white backpack then left to go to Taylahs house.




 I finally make it to Taylahs house. "Huff! Finally!" I puffed out. I knock on the door. Taylah says something but I wasn't really paying any attention. All I know saying is "Can I eat your food?"I asked excitedly. She replied back with, "Sure eat my food... I don't care if I die of starvation." while running up the stairs to (I assume) do here hair. "I how so." I yelled up to her. She said something in reply but I couldn't hear her that well.

I walked to the kitchen and opened her pantry. I saw that she had Fruit Loops. Omg I love Fruit Loop!!!!!!!!!!!! So ran to the cabinet and grab a bowl. I grabbed the milk out of the fridge and grabbed a spoon from the draw. 

"Yum!" I said to myself while I pored the milk on top of the Fruit Loops. Before eating which was sooooo hard, I thought I would be a nice friend and put the milk away and the cereal away also. Then I sat down on the stool, grabbed my spoon and dug in at the island. 




After a while I heard a knock at the door. "I got it!" I yelled. I opened the door and saw Charlie. "Hey." I said  happily. "Hey, wheres Taylah?" She said concerned. "Upstairs doing  her hair." I said quit annoyingly.

Then she left me downstairs, never asked for me to come, and never even said "Thank you," she only said "Okay." Like what the fuck. I just moved here and these two bitches barely talk to me. I am left always as the third wheel. 

I feel like they talk about me behind my back. I let out a huff, then went back to my cereal. After I finished I put my dishes in the sink. I finally had the erg to ask.. "Are you guys ready?!" I yelled/asked. I heard a faint "Yeah!" from I'm guessing both of them. They come down the stairs.. "About time." I quietly said to myself.

I quickly go to the bathroom and use mouthwash and water, I come back and grabbed my bag.

Then we left without a word...

I swear you could hear the flowers dancing in the wind and the trees whispering to each other.

Charlie and Taylah were in front of me (usual) talk about shit I don't know about...I ignored them just like they ignore me. I think I'm doubting Charlie and Taylah as my friends. I think that they think something else of me then a (what they say) "friend". 

I just walked to school without a word to both of them. Just breathing... That's it.. Only short little breathes... Breathes nobody wants around.


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