I'm A Mess

Hi! Well I have this habit of cutting and crying myself to sleep. I'm all alone besides my two ONLY friends, my abusive father and my mother who practically hates me.. My life is amazing right? Yeah, I think not.. I think it is a complete mess. But something is going to change... I can just feel it.


2. Authors Note:

A/N- Hey guys, i'm Chloe and this is my first ever fan-fiction that i'm making... Please let me know how it is so far and I will try to update once or twice a week. Like, subscribe, and favorite!!! ~ Chloe XX

Also I need more characters so if you comment your:

Name, Eye color, Hair color, Age (14-20 preferred), Siblings, Special talents, and any other info about your character...

I will try to fit you in at anytime I need you.... XOXO


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