This book is going to be about a girl who moves from a small town In Ohio to the big city of Sydney, what happens, find out here


3. Finding out about the promotion

Jades pov


I was walking home from school with my friends chatting about random stuff, not to mention my friends are about 6 people, as we turn down my street leaving 4 of my friends I see a U-Haul truck,"ooooooo someone's moving in or out" Stacy says "yeah, wait t-that's my house, I see my dad" I say shocked and begin running home, "Jade hunny, come inside me and your father to chat to you" mum says "ill see you soon okay Stacy" I say walking inside "Oi text me okay" she yells "okay" is the only thing I say. "sweetheart, your father got a promotion" mum says as we all sit down at the table "and, wait are we moving" I say freaking out "sadly yes" dad says devastated "NO, no we cant dad please" I say "my job depends on this Jade, you need to go pack everything nicely, I have the tape and bubblewrap and the boxes up in your room already" dad says passing me more tape "no im not leaving" I say not moving "JADE go" mum says strictly.

I run upstairs passing Sarah's room seeing her packing her toys, I walk in and sit beside her "so we're moving, sad aye" I say nudging her "nope" she says popping the 'P' looking up at me "why, aren't you upset" I say crossing my arms "nope, Jade I get bullied here im happy we are moving, did mum say where?" she says almost in tears "no do you know" I say holding her teddy "no, that's why I asked you genius" she says taking the teddy "sorry, im gonna go pack" I say getting up "okay" she says in a 'like I care' type of tone. She's rather sassy, I walk to my room and start packing everything away carefully, first my valuable's, then my pictures etc. Mum walks in and sits on my matress dad already took my bed frame down so...."sweetie, I thought you might like to know where we are going" she says playing with her fingers, "omg yes please" I say sitting up "Sydney" she says "Sydney.....AUSTRALIA" I shout "yes" she says "all the way over there" I say "yes, that's why we leave on sunday" she says standing obviously to tell Sarah "o-okay" I stutter. time to tell my friends..........

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